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Dec 7, 2008

Chapter 45 compleated

I've now finished writing chapter 45 of my yet to be named yaoi fanfiction.

This last chapter was a long one. Six whole pages. And I mean whole. I started at the top of a page, and I ended at the end of the page. I think it's the longest I've been written in a while.

I have not slept yet and it's 8:19am, and I think that I'll be going out instead to do run for my sister. So she will be doing the dishes that have looked at me all night.

The last page and a half of the story is a very nice lemon. I don't know why they call it that, but it's what you call a sex scene, I was just going to make it a lime but I went all the way and made it turn yellow. I think I did a good job of it too.

I take that back... now that I really think about, only one of them got off by design, so I guess it could be called a lime still.

Now, even though I say that I'm finished. I still have to re-read the whole thing back over to make sure I catch the dumb mistakes that I made, and change the wording around of something or things that didn't sit well with me.

I'm hoping to have this finished up come the end of the month. A nice gift for the new year ha? :)

Well I think that I might wash some dishes before leaving the house. I want to finish watch the movie before getting dressed.

This is my first post that goes to all my blogs. :) Cool.

See ya next update.

Sep 16, 2008


I ran down the hall to my office, closing the door behind me. What was I doing? I asked myself, leaning up against the cool wood. My hand kneaded my chest. I'm so hot! I walked over to my desk and swung myself into my chair, staring at the work that was piled on the desk waiting for me. I picked up a page the dropped it, not able to concentrate as all I could imagine was his face and his eyes.

They were green and glowing, looking at me so I could not move. They would not let me move.

His hand had reached out towards me, but I started to back up, shaking my head as my body trembled.

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Sep 14, 2008

The Memories

I'm sure this will be be my least liked story. Just about nothing happens in this story. Everything happens in about 30mins if not less.


Her hand flew, with more speed than she thought that she had, at that thing that was making this horrid buzzing noise. Her aim was lousy. However on her third attempt she hit it squarely on the head, and it stopped. How cooperative. She then knocked it to the floor. You asked for it. She really did like the clock. It saves her from being fired, but today was Sunday. She wanted to sleep and dream of wicked things that had happened to her and were real. They may not be real to her, but they had to be real to someone.

She could not go back to sleep. The clock had done its job well. Slowly she sat up. She felt like going to sleep, but knew that it would not happen. She held her hands and stretched them out infront of her, then lifted them over her head. They then fell to the bed. Now I feel like a rag doll. Corn flakes. She could already smell and taste it along with the milk. She stands up and puts her hand to the small of her back. That bed is going to kill me one of these days.

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Jul 17, 2008

Teacher's Pet

This is an account, of an all too brief time in my life. My name is Karan A. Carter. When I was between the ages of sixteen and nineteen, I was involved in a relationship with my International History Teacher. It had lasted for a period of three years.

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Belated Gifts

I saw her for the first time when she walked pass me in the cafeteria. That was two days ago. Now she stood in front of me in the locker room of the swimming pool. Two hours earlier she had walked in, said hi, striped down to her birthday suit and put on a black and white one-piece. Then went for her swim. I came out five minutes behind of her. Two hours later when I heard her say to one of her friends that she was leaving in five minutes, I made a point of getting out of the pool and into the locker room two minutes before her. Now here we are again. Me trying to look at her without looking like I'm looking at her, and she's once again naked and drying herself off with a green towel. She was so good looking I almost felt like I had no right to look at her, much less like her. She had C-cup breasts that had big quarter shaped nipples. She had light brown hair that reached her soft round butt. She turned towards me and placed a leg up on the bench to dry in there. Ahh! She had hair there, how sexy. The first girl that I almost went to bed with had hair down there and ever since I've like girls who had a hairy pussy. I leaned into my locker as I watched her.

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Jul 13, 2008



The clouds left the sky,
And to earth they came.

They visited us with rain,
And a cold darkness.

I saw the curtain of black hair that fell from the sky,
And I felt saltless tears as they fell on my face.

I heard the wailing of a widow,
Who shared her grief with me.

We both felt cold,
We both felt alone.

Natural Resource

Natural Resource

My hand touched this piece of earth.
It's shinning color dyed my hands.
My hands moved and recreated.
My fingers formed lines and curves.

Sweat slid from my chin,
And collided with hands that now belonged to a goddess.
It slid to what has changed.

From what was taken from it's mother,
To scarring it's capture,
To what lies before us in its new shape.
It's improved form.
It's restricted image.
It's forced compliance to the rules of humans.

What's My Deal?

What's My Deal?

That would be black love.
Giving, bed shaking, bone rattling, possessive, sweet, salted, musty,
And ready to do it again.

February 14th

February 14th

A week away today,
I wondered about the ships.
Today there is one.
I saw it from the hill.
It's shimmering presence,
Was reflected in the dark water by its side.

I knew that lovers would come,
They had to.
A small island,
Beautiful and green,
And hinted with heat.

They would find each other's embrace,
And look up at the full moon that possessed the sky.
Their bare feet rested on the cold sand,
As they heard the surf.

It was not that far away,
As it defied the commands of Persideon,
To kiss the toes of land.

Parts of a song drifted towards them,
"I love you, I love you, I do."

I focused my eyes,
And saw it,
As it slowly slipped out of port.

An End To It All

An End to it All

He stares up at the night sky.
He sees one star,
Then two,
Then they become one again.
As, and where his head moved
They would follow.
He laid across a ring,
That floated in a pool,
His pool.

His wife learned how to swim in this pool.
He wanted to cry,
He laughed until his sides ached.

They had wanted to have children.
How many times had he seen himself cradling his month old daughter?
Or seen his son at the age of seven,
Calling to him to see him dive into the pool?
But for some reason they never had.
He found out why a month ago.

She was on the pill,
She used a diaphragm,
She made love with someone else.

It fell from his hand,
Then slowly sank.
The light hung on to its metallic point,
As it met the tiled bottom.

He was a coward.
He knew that he was a coward.
He wanted to leave feeling good.
His eyes grew heavy with sleep,
But he knew that it was not sleep that bid him come.

As he saw his eye lashes close down,
He heard pounding on his door.
He heard the shouting of his name.
And as clarity consumed him he heard the presence
Of the sirens fighting for the night air.

His only words were then spoken,
"They're on ..."
Time never escaped his lips.
But he escaped time.
Only to be caught by the bonny hand of death.

Among The Clouds

Among The Clouds

Hold onto me.
If you don't,
You will fall.

I am the one who has the wings.
Guess why I never gave you any?

I'll just fly higher.
Enjoy the view.

You are mine.
You will always be mine.

Come Back

Firstly, just so I don't disappoint you. This is not a sex story. It's something short and a little sad. Come back to it when you are not in the sexual mind set.


"Come back my love."

"It pains me to leave you again so soon my lady. You know that if I could I would stay here with you." He told me as he looked into my eyes. The air around us was cool with out being cold and it stirred his hair very nicely as whipped around us. I looked down at his hands that were holding mine, as they were laying on my lap. He had only been back two months. Now he was off again. I already miss him and fear for him and he was still here in our home. I turned my face up to look at him again. I saw it in his eyes. He was more saddened by leaving me than I was about him leaving.

"Tell me again how short of a time you will be gone this time?" I asked him.

"I was assured that my services will not be required for more than a year and half." He told me. Over a year! I almost shivered. I smiled at him and I felt hollow as I said,

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My Request


"Come closer, I'm the one bent over the couch. I'm the one hiking up my short skirt. I'm the one who has no panties on. I'm the one who has her finger in her pussy. I'm the one who's squirming and whining her ass. I'm the one who want's it up her ass.

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Want A Lift?

I was walking home one night from the bakery with some sweet wheat rolls to eat tomorrow with some eggs for breakfast, along with some other goodies. I took a short cut that would help me avoid Jeffrey, who seems to have moved into a house a block from mine. At this point I was six blocks from home. I had gotten off the subway a stop early so I could buy the bread. This weekend is what I have been looking forward too since Tuesday. And I wanted it to be great. I may also add that Jeffrey is not seen in this weekend's picture. My feet for some reason did not feel up to walking, but I reminded them of the soft bed that was waiting for them and so we trudged on.

I crossed a street then stopped to adjust my bags, when I heard someone calling my name. I turned and saw a very familiar blue truck pulling up along side me. It was Andrew and Lauren.

"Hi, guys." I told them.

"Hello. Would you like a lift home?" Andrew asked me.

"Yes. I would." I told him.

Lauren reached her hand back to open the back door for me. I loaded my stuff in then myself. I lived on a one-way street so he had to take a longer way to get there than if I had walked it, but I am not complaining.

"What are you guys doing in my neck of the woods?" I asked them.

"We were coming to see you." Andrew said as he turned down my street.

"Oh. How nice." I said. I did not expect anyone to come over. I was the one that goes to see them. It is a good thing that I bought all this extra stuff, for I have almost nothing in my house portioning to snack food.

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Jul 12, 2008

What I fear will happen.


Touch, kiss, lick,
“I’m sorry.” Whispered my lips.
Hands roam further,
Eyes see more.
“I’m sorry.” Once again slips from my weak lips.
What I touch burns, hardens, and quivers.
“Ah! I’m sorry, that your sorry.” He tells me.

“Don’t be sorry. Be with me.”
I crawl over his body,
And cover him with my shaking one.
I lick his lips,
I kiss his neck,
I touch his cheek.
“I’m sorry.” I murmured into his shoulder blade.

“Stop lying. Tell me the truth. What do you really feel?” He asked.
His strong arms held me away from him.
I look down into his eyes.
My mouth opens.
My tongue runs over my dry lips.
“You are mine.” My voice said.

I slowly come to rest once again on his chest.
My lips met his,
And his tongue met mine.
I’m sorry my husband to be,
You will not have a virgin bride.
I’m sorry.
I press my body into his.

Jack and Me

Ok... This is one of the longest ones I've done, and I'm asking if anyone wants me to continue it. I'm pretty sure that I was going to continue it years ago, but at one point I just stopped. Should I start again?


Jack and Me

I was walking up the hill, on which my house sat, in the afternoon sun. I turned off the road and unto my driveway to hear a car screech to a halt behind of me. I turned around to see Jack’s car. It was a car that you would not have a hard time recognizing. It looked something that Germany would be proud of, if it was not colored neon purple. What was he doing here? I asked myself. I had just come from my sister’s, and she had said that they (Jack and Veronica) were in the middle of a fight. I was told that he told her that he was not going to see her for a week. My sister had predicted three days. I disagreed and gave him two. The last time that I was alone with him, he had said that he no longer had a girl. That he and Veronica had broken up.

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Jul 11, 2008

Nine To Five - Payback

"I'm tired of you playing with me." I told him as I locked his door behind me. I kicked off my heals as I walked over to him.

"What are you doing here?" He asked as I came closer.

"I came back for a disk and saw that you were still here. So I decided to tell you that I don't like being played with."

"What do you mean, being played with? If you're talking about that raise I already talked with Mr. Kar about it. I swear."

"Oh, you swear?" I asked him. That being the only thing he said that caught my attention.

"Yes I do." he said.

"Well that is good to know. It would not have been worth all my effort if you didn't." He shakes his head in agreement, then stops to stare at me as I pull my belt from around my waist. Then I took off my skirt then shirt. I didn't want to get them dirty.

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Our Small Cabin

Our small cabin is actually a shorter walk from the beach then I thought it would be. I was standing by the screened window in a dusty brown shirt. It's blowing and fluttering around my upper thighs with the help of the standing fan that was in the room. I heard your bare feet on the wooden floor, as you came towards me. You stood behind me, then leaned into me as you garbed my upper arms. You bent your head and kissed me around the sides of me neck, and up to my ear, as I tilted my head in the other direction. You told me that you couldn't watch me any more, that it was hurting you too much. I melted on the inside, and leaned back into you. Your hands left my arms and came across my chest, and over my breasts to undo the buttons of my shirt. You opened up my shirt, but you did not take it off.

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Jun 29, 2008

I don't know what to call this poem.....What would you name it?


A feather swirls point down,
The water below expects it,
But moves on any way.

She makes a right turn,
Just to bubble and swirl around a few stones and a small tree.
She quickly puts a mile behind her.
She calms and pulls herself together.

She comments to herself that it is a wonder that she has this much of herself to pull together,
Considering the lack of fain this month.
Rushing along she passes below old Johnson Bridge.
"The 1849's built that bridge,
But it was more like a 1849'er,
Mr. Johnson, the banker.
The beams had to be replaced last year.
I should know,
I'm the one that goes around them,
And who crashes into them.

"Good bye Bubbles."
"Good bye Johnson."
"Besides Bubbles, the others that pass by on a regular bases is Mr. Johnson and his grand kids,
They come by every Sunday afternoon to walk and pick flowers.
The flowers usually come from the meadow on the eastern side of me,
The town is to the west.(FYI)

"Meadow! I'm more than a meadow!
I'm Rose Park.
Come the 4th of July and New Year's,
I'm the most popular place in town."
"A Meadow indeed!"

You know what I have just been through.


I sat with my legs being held to my chest,
As close as I could get them as I laid in bed.
Tears were coming down my face.
I hate crying.
Why was I crying?

I didn't want to cry,
He was the one who would suffer
I know that I'm a good person.
I know I am.

I hate myself
No one wants me,
And I want someone.
I do.

Jun 28, 2008

A very sad thing that happens too often.


Part One

I felt my present
Become my past.

I saw every thing that once was tangible.
My friends, the places I had been and the things I did,
Become dated, memories.
My memories began to fade

I felt the cup in my hand at that time.
I felt the grains,
I knew the color of it was blue.
I felt the color blue

I drank the water from the tap,
It tasted much better than it did earlier

Part Two

With history heavy in my lap.
I stretched a hand forward and opened it

I saw her blue eyes which were crinkled at the edges,
Looking back at me.
Her hair was stuck in a persuasion to go east

My hand moved upwards again to move the hands of time.
I turned the page over to see us together,
And smiling like a couple of twelve year olds at the age of twenty something.
Our poses were also reminiscent of juvenile beings

I closed it then,
Not wanting to feel anymore,
Because I was not ready to believe

I got up and went into the kitchen,
With the intent to clean.
I already had two plates in my hands,
That I brought from the table.
I place them in the sink,
And reached for the two glasses that still stood on the counter

I saw her lipstick on the edge of the glass,
Where it half enclosed a tiny flower.
I remember ten minutes ago.
"I walked through the door just in time to hear the phone ring.
I thought she called to tell me that she forgot something at my place.
It was her brother "Hi Jimmy!".
He then told me in sobbing detail.

I put the glass under the faucet,
And with some soap I erased her.
Water slid out of my face,
As I said "Good-bye."

Can you tell were I got the title from?

This Kiss, This Kiss

My hand slowly traveled up the front of his shirt,
My fingers played with his collar.
The tips of my fingers grazed his chest and the lower part of his neck

My head was bent as he looked at me.
I tried once again to tell myself that it was true.
He was here,
I saw my gold ring shining in the afternoon’s light.
We belonged to each other.
He wanted me.

My eyes traveled up to his eyes,
As my hand closed in on the back of his neck.
I felt his hands as he pulled me closer.
Our breaths kissed before we did

Soon the wall, floor and air,
Was filled with capping and cheers.
As much as I wanted to cling to him,
I had to let him go.
We then turned to world,
And pronounced man and wife.

Songs and me..


I looked up and saw him looking down on me.
Then he smiled, and I fell apart inside.

I reached out my fingers to touch his face,
I collided with cold glass.
I stepped back and closed my eyes.

His fingers grazed the keys,
The drummer tapped his skins softly,
And I heard the whisper of a violin.

As I opened my mouth his voice tumbled fort.
My head swayed from side to side.
I sang with him a duet,
With a silent voice.

My body began to move.
My hands were raised to the level of my eyes,
And his emotions where shown on my face.

I became elegant,

Being separated is tough.


"Oh, stop it." I told my self in disgust.I folded my hands around me,and held my coat to me, even thought I did not feel the cold.

I do miss him, but there was nothing I could do about it.I looked over the small channel and looked at the island's lights.Wishing that they were the New York sky line.

I wrote this for a friend who never became more.


With legs crossed,
And mind absorbed in the sad tale of a song I reflected on my life.

As the heat radiated from my body,
I felt no cooler, no warmer.

I sat naked under the blanket, with one leg revealed.
My hands crossed themselves as they rested on it.

I felt so tired.
I needed someone.

I felt his hand as it rubbed itself up and down my back.
I looked to my side to see his face that was naked of its glasses.

I can hardly believe that I am here with you.
I am in bed with you, and you’ve touched my naked body as I have touched yours.

I am sorry that I did not have sex with you,
I am in love with you. You know this don’t you?

But I will wait for our wedding day.
That night I will give you all that is me. Whole and complete.

I reached out my hand and laid it on the side of his face.
You are real.

Dream sweetly my love, dream of me.
Like I have dreamed of you.

I Miss The Cold

Send me some snow,
And I'll send you a flower.

A flower that has breathed the same air as I.
A flower that will give you it's last breath of the Caribbean.

Smell it's fragrance,
And you will smell the sea.
You will taste the salt on you tongue,
As you smell it engulfing you.

You will taste the sugar cane as it grows around you.
You will fell this liquid sweetness as it slides down your throat.

Feel the tropical sun as its air surrounds you.
Feel the warmth as it shines down on your out stretched limbs,
And defrosts your bones and your soul.

Send me some snow,
And I'll send you on a spiritual cruise.

I wrote this poem a long time ago. You can thank Lain for me for it.


I stood on my front porch and watched as its red tail stuck up from behind the trees and it's growling shook the ground on which I stood. I knew that it was him. He was leaving. He did not tell me good-bye. I watched as the tail traveled down its path and its roar got louder. It felt as if it was screaming for the sky and earth to accept it. But it was not the one who was asking. He was declaring that he was taking to the sky, and that you were being warned.

I stood there and hoped that he could have seen me. That I would cry. That I would be entrusted with the screeching decibels for the tearing of my heart. That he would look down from the heavens and see me standing here as the rain began to fall, saving me the embarrassment, of being seen crying.

But his winged creature carried him away from me. And when it finally lifted him up into the sky, I could not be seen. I did not cry, my heart gave a little murmur. It knew that something happened. And that sweet rain, that cold rain, did not come. It did not help in my act of moaning.

Was it waiting for it to happen a second time? Was it waiting for him to return? For me to raise my hopes that he might realize that I was worth having? That he would come looking for me? For me to realize that he was here for three months and that he did not once came to say hello? Was it waiting for the day that it sinks in and I'm wondering one cold night by the bay?

I will stood there looking out at the sea and once again I see his plane as it carried him off. My skirt was being picked up by the wind, and my legs started to feel the biting sting of sand. The night air got colder and the smells around me become one. The scent of rain. It was coming. With my head held high and my feet not hurrying to carry me away, I felt it first on my back. Then it fell on my head, and it worked its way down to my heels.

As the heat was slowly being forced from my body, I forced tears from my soul. I had to cry. I had to heal. If I held on to what he did to me I never will. It would just be another sob story to tell someone. I will heal this, and no one would know that he was here. In my heart. That he tore it and left me asking "Why?". My chest shook and my cries got louder. I knew that no one was around as I fell to my knees and cried. I was not just crying because of him anymore. I was crying for all the times that I didn't. For everyone that I had ever lost or missed, and kept it inside. For every disappointment that I just made light of.

From one girl to another she was telling me that it was all right to cry. I listened. Mother and child cried that night. When it was over I walked home. We were both cleansed. Me of aching wounds and her of the smudges man had placed on her.