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Feb 27, 2014

A Little Update

So I'm working on my newest story. I'm about 38 chapters in and for a while I hit a writer's block, then I felt like I was getting over it, when I started to think of Inuyasha. First it was to get details for part two of the story I already wrote, then I need to find out what info I already had in the first one that would be needed in part two.

Now it has turned in a full review of the first chapter with chapter size editing. I'm up to chapter 50 I think and I think I've come up with a good scene that can work as a good new cover that a friend of mine has shown interest in drawing for me.

Oh, speaking of friends on DA (deviantart) I have been contacted by this little back in Australia that is going to use some of my fractals in their online video. They have finished the song, but there are some technical issues that they are trying to work through. That link will so be posted when it's done. :)

Feb 22, 2014

Not Fiction

Last week I posted something new over on my Scribd account.

I had been surfing for something on line, I don't remember what now, and I came across this article. It wasn't anything major, just a short list of some interesting 'facts' about a woman's orgasm. Well I didn't like how it told you almost nothing about a few of them and nothing about the rest of them.

So I went looking around and expanded on it. I turned about 2 pages into 8 pages that gives a good insight to a few things you may or may not have heard about girls and sex and how one or two of them, applies to men also.

Now I don't remember how long it took me, 3 days to a week I think. I'm betting on a week. Then like I said, I posted it to Scribd. For some reason, I thought a lot more people would have found it to read, but it hasn't quite happened. I understand why I expected that. Back when I first started to use my Scribd account I had another bit of non fiction that was about the male orgasm. I didn't put this one together, I just copied it from the net and made it look 'nice'. It has the real writer's name still on it.

Well that has had a ton of views, so I thought, the girl one would be popular too. I just have to remember that it took a while for it get all those views. I started posting to my Scribd account all the way back in 2007.

So here are the links to both if you haven't seen them yet.

I like this looks. :)

Enjoy and feel free to leave comments.

Feb 14, 2014

AdultFanfic Account Update

Ok, so I've gone back to check out my old AFF account.

Then I realized that I could post two of my new stories there. "Bang, Bang" and "Yellow Pieces of Paper".

They just ask you to say that you are of age to let you in and you can read whatever you like.

Now, it's not the prettiest page, but you can read the stories, go from chapter to chapter easily and leave a review if you have an account there or not.

So here are the links to the new stories and my profile page.

Bang, Bang

Yellow Pieces of Paper

My Profile Page On AdultFanFiction - - This page is showing you the list of my OC stories that I have posted here to date.

They have improved how you can enter the stories a bit easier, but either I have to get use to how the site it set up all back over again, or it's still a pain to understand.

I think it's a bit of both. I still 'love' how Scribd does it. Also, they updated the profile pages. It makes a bit more sense now, but it wasn't what I was expecting when I went there to post the next chapter in House Boys.