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Mar 16, 2014

I'm Done.. with the first one.

I have read the last chapter of 'Together' and I've given it its new name. The count now stands at 48.

I have been discussing layout and set up of the new cover, but that is just for placement of people and 'camera' angle and such.

She has a webcomic to work on, so I can't rush her even if I wanted to. My biggest problem now is where do I start to post the new chapters? Or do I just do a bunch of places at the same time?

I have existing copies at Scribd, FF (fanfiction), and DA (deviantart). I'm tempted to share it over at AF (adultfanfiction). Their editor still scares me. I used it recently, but I don't remember how it looked. :) My first impression is really sticking.

I thought that I would still be editing this story for another few days, now I'm surprised into stillness.

I guess I could pass on a comment that I received from a reader over at GoodReads. I don't think I have that link here. I have to fix that. You may find something there that you like, other than my work of course.

Well, this guy just finished reading my story 'The Gift' and he really liked it. It was sweet and romantic and he likes it better than 'Daddy's Acceptance' which it was a branch off from. He doesn't seem to like the heavy sex stories.

I almost felt sorry that I didn't have more of the same for him to read. I just don't have such a story on my immediate short list of stories to write. So I will have to keep it in mind if I ever wonder about doing a different story for some reason. :)

I've thought about it. I'll update FF first. :)

Oh, about the title. I plan to write two more books for Inuyasha and each will connect to the next. :) I already have the names picked out. This one as you know is called 'Together' and the next one that will mostly be around Kouga and Sango will be named 'Together Again'. The last one will be Sess and Kagome's and tie any loose ends up in 'Together Forever'. :)


Small update.

I forgot the mess that FF made of posting. My current and past dividers that told you when pov and time changes happened are stripped from all my texts, along with the divider at the end where I posted notes about the chapter.

I have any where between 2 and 12 of these changes depending on how long the chapter is. Then almost every chapter has notes at the end.

If you don't know what kind of notes I'm talking about, you need to check out the posts I have over at Scribd.

So I ended up posting over at AFF instead. Then I remembered why I liked Scribd so much. I hate taking down older work that has stuff like views and comments and likes attached to it. But I can't leave those errors there.

Now I just have to get myself back to writing 'House Boys'.


Another Small Update

Due to one, maybe two factors, I stopped fighting a change to the format of the story and was now able to add it to with less, to no issues.So I lost all my underlines. I can live without them. Now that most of my issues were gone I was able to repost the whole story a few hours ago. I was very happy to see that i was able to keep comments from chapters that I had to erase. :) I hate loosing feed back.

I'm still posting over, but I'm doing it 5 chapters at a time every 4-8 days since it's a new story there.

I've partly hid the chapters over at Scribd, but I have to finish it and suck it up that I'm going to loose my stats. Since it is stats and comments, I think I'll take a screen shot or two so I have some record of how well it was liked if not viewed before I reposted. :)

The last place the change will show up is over at DA. Since they were deleting chapters of my story, due to someone, I think, not liking yaoi, I'm going to wait until I have my cover and post the whole book there.

Ok, that's it for now, I'll try and have some fresh news for you next time so I can start a new post. :)