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Sep 4, 2013


A few months back I started messing with the covers of my stories. Most were replaced because I couldn't find the ones I used the first time. Only two I think were replaced because they were wrong size and didn't really fit a 8.5x11 layout. I think that's called Letter size.

So here is a look at my new covers. Some are are being used some aren't. Since I want to review the stories before reposting. That is how I really ended up remaking them. I fixed some part of a story and had to go remake the pdf book and there were no covers for me use.

No, I haven't a clue how that could have happened, but I do have them now. Pdf's, jpg's and gimp files. :D

I think that's it. The other two so stayed the same. "Wish" that side story from my Inuyasha book, and "Hello" along with "Late Lunch". I didn't touch those.

So do you like the new covers? Yes, I made all of them myself. :)

Still working on a cover for 'House Boys'. I tried something and I posted it over at DA, but right after I finished it, I realized that it wasn't going to work since I had two people to represent in it, and not just one. If it was jsut one, then the cover I came up with would just need a little tweaking. :) But alas, no such luck.

House Boys

Yes, I've been gone a while. I didn't really realize it was this long.

On the upside I have a new story. It took me a while to just find a name for it. I had another long, bad name, and then I changed it to 'House Boy', then to 'House Boys' once I threw in another pov into the story. Oh, this only has two by the way.

I have been at it for a while. I'm currently trying to type my way through chapter 29. In my defense, I just started to write it last night. :) I was about to add on to it, when I reminded myself, once again, that I had to come and post links.

Now, I may have said something about this story already, but I only looked at my last post about 'Snow Days' and really doubt that.

So, I have posted up to chapter 23 over at Deviantart (DA) and I just started to post one chapter a week over at Scribd a month ago. I will not list links to each chapter, but I will drop you off in their folders.

I don't think that I will be posting it over at GoodReads. I don't know why. My lack of involvement maybe. I also think it's too hard to actually find my stories there. It takes me a while and I can't even get to them through the app on my ipad unless someone leaves a note or likes a chapter. :( It's really meant for published works more than internet posted stories I think.

So those links... but do you want to know what it's about about first?

Well, the first tile I had was, "My First and Last Crag's List Job". Now add that bit of information to what you already know about my stories. And yes, it's gay.

Any other questions? :) Ok then, links.

Deviantart - Link to the folder & Link to the first chapter. They are all linked here, so when you get to the end, there is the link to take you to the next chapter.

Scribd - Link


You need to have an account at DA to see those postings. They have been labeled mature and won't let outside people view them, since they wouldn't know your age. As far as I know, Scribd doesn't have this. If it does, I haven't found it yet.