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Nov 11, 2015

A Slight Update

It's more of a heads up.

I was being naughtily late one night and this idea came to me. It was a very good idea that I wanted to expand upon. A few days later I was texting a friend of mine and it just occurred to me that he could write it with me. I could try being a co-author again.

Yes, I have to bug that other girl to see if she even wishes to pick up where we left off, or start all back over again or just officially kill the story we were working on since we haven't even talked to each other in like 2 years at least.

Either way, we are hammering out a rather solid story. He tries to drag it down into the gutter at times, but it seems that he has really come around to making it a well rounded book. Oh yeah, book. It should be on the size of "Daddy's Acceptance". I told him at least 20 chapters. I think we may hit 30 if we keep the chapter sizes to between 5 and 7 pages.

Also, this may be the first story that I will post over at Wattpad instead of DA or Scribd. I'm still not happy with how Scribd filters things to be found and their new marking model has me wondering a few of things.

So, a very rough idea of what we are doing. It seems to be a very true example of SciFi so far. We aren't dealing with humans, and none will be found in this story. So we clearly aren't on earth, but we will be on a planet. We have kings, queens, and nobles or high houses. Two versions of the same humanoid race live on this planet.

In true fashion I'm hoping to create two couples in this story. They will be very different from each other, and may not be friends with each other never mind know of each other. We want there to be tech, but we are looking at magic also or at least have people believe that the tech is magic.

We  have started to nail down some words that we will use for come groups of people, some places and my guy is working on the back story or history, or remembered past. It's a little complicated there. We have had two text and one phone brain storming sessions. I hope this keeps up and the actual writing is just as well mixed as it has been so far.


In other writing news, I've made some head way with my current writing project. I've jumped quite a few months in the story. One, to get the story close to the end, and two, I really don't think that there was a lot to talk about during those months. I may change my mind and add in something later. I'm not posting this story until I'm done and happy with it.

It's in a different format than what I normally do. I still have a first person POV going on here, but it's a little different. That alone will need some tinkering to make sure it doesn't get lost. For how much I thought I wrote, I was surprised to see that I'm just getting to part 10. It's going to be shorter, the number of chapters, than I thought it would be when I first started to write this like a year and a half ago. I'm sure it's been that long. Which is just sad.

Either way, that story I'm got work on now. I really, really want it finished before the end of Feb. I know it sounds a ways off,  but we all know that's not true. You give yourself a deadline and before you know it you are looking at it.


Oh names.

The name of the story I'm going to work on right after I'm done here is titled, currently, " The Pregnant Male" aka "Painful Equality ". I like the second title better, but I almost never see it because it's at the start of the story and I just go right down to where I left off and continue to add to add on.

The one that I'm just starting up with my fiend is called "The Queens". It might change, but I like that title for now.


PS, leave question and comments below.