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Jul 13, 2008

An End To It All

An End to it All

He stares up at the night sky.
He sees one star,
Then two,
Then they become one again.
As, and where his head moved
They would follow.
He laid across a ring,
That floated in a pool,
His pool.

His wife learned how to swim in this pool.
He wanted to cry,
He laughed until his sides ached.

They had wanted to have children.
How many times had he seen himself cradling his month old daughter?
Or seen his son at the age of seven,
Calling to him to see him dive into the pool?
But for some reason they never had.
He found out why a month ago.

She was on the pill,
She used a diaphragm,
She made love with someone else.

It fell from his hand,
Then slowly sank.
The light hung on to its metallic point,
As it met the tiled bottom.

He was a coward.
He knew that he was a coward.
He wanted to leave feeling good.
His eyes grew heavy with sleep,
But he knew that it was not sleep that bid him come.

As he saw his eye lashes close down,
He heard pounding on his door.
He heard the shouting of his name.
And as clarity consumed him he heard the presence
Of the sirens fighting for the night air.

His only words were then spoken,
"They're on ..."
Time never escaped his lips.
But he escaped time.
Only to be caught by the bonny hand of death.

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