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Feb 12, 2020

Homecoming {threesome}

Michel pulled the last of my outer clothes off of me and took a step back before he dropped it onto the coffee table.

“You are a picture,” he said as he continued to look me over. I did a slow twirl so he could see the whole thing.
He had given me a gift card for Adam & Eve a week ago and told me to get something pretty to wear for our date tonight. I had been missing Tanner lately and appreciated Michel for trying to cheer me up.

So I went a little classic and got a lacy corset that was all black and completely see-through. The garter clips attached to nude shaded stockings that were very sheer themselves.

Between my hips was a groomed large triangle of hair that reached all the way under to cover the lips of my pussy. Tanner considered it his job to keep it the way he wanted. And for him, I had appointments every weekend to keep it in line and ready for his return.

The bra that came with the outfit was like cups that my breasts sat in with my nipples peeking over the scalloped edge. They had fallen out a few times when I first put it on as I tried to put on my stockings and shoes, at one point I just left them spilled out until I was ready to put on my shirt. A shirt that I had picked to take advantage of all this cleavage.

So once I left the house, I didn’t dare bend over for anything unless I wanted to flash someone. And I wasn’t planning on doing that until we were home again.

When Michel’s need to touch me wasn’t something he could ignore anymore he stepped forward as his fingers reached out and brushed themselves over a nipple before cupping the rest of my breast. Michel trailed his hand up to my shoulder before coming down my arm to hold my hand.

“This way,” he says as he leads me back to our bedroom. I stopped twice on our way down the short hallway to kick off my heels. They weren’t very high, but I never liked walking on carpet with them on and our carpets were on the thick side. It was Michel’s idea since we have been known to just fuck where ever we came into contact with each other.

But today there was a plan since Michel hadn’t even kissed me properly since we got home. The room was dark as he pulled me in and finally kissed me as he turned me around. I was being pushed backwards and soon expected to feel the edge of our very large bed when I ran into a human wall. When I first came to a stop, I thought that Michel was going to fuck me against a wall, but when arms encased my body to hold me steady I realized that we weren’t alone.

Then I smelt him. It was Tanner. I spun around in his arms.
“Tanner!” I exclaimed as I looked up into his smiling brown eyes before I kissed him. I kissed him hard as I wrapped my arms around his neck to keep him close. Michel now kissed the back of my neck and across my shoulders, as he held on to my hips while pressing into me from behind.

Tanner's hands were above his gripping my waist as we continued to kiss. I was rotating my hips back into Michel's crotch when I felt one of his hands slide forward and down into my pussy. I moaned into Tanner's mouth and he pressed forward trapping Michel's hand between us.

When I pressed my ass back against Michel's cock, allowing him to free his hand, I felt as he turned it around to cup Tanner's cock and balls instead. Now it was Tanner who moaned into me.

I wanted to feel their cocks in my mouth, so it was time I undressed them.

"It's time you kissed hubby hello," I told Tanner as I ended our kiss.

"Hello you," Michel said with a smile on his face as he looked Tanner in the eyes.

"Hello Mic," Tanner said in return before they kissed. As much as I wanted to watch them make out, I needed my eyes to help me undo their belt's, pants and pull down their underwear. I was on my knees as I got Michel's last foot when they stepped in at the same time and pressed their hard hot cocks into my face.

I closed my eyes and breathed them in before I started to lick and suck at each of them in turn. I totally took credit for the new sounds they made above my head. My hands soon moved from rubbing the inside of their thighs to holding and jacking their cock when my mouth was occupied sucking the other one.

I wanted to look up and see as they pressed their chests together. As they held the other's head in their hands and kissed and sucked at lips. As they crushed their mouths together after another moan to suck the other's tongue. But I also had a task at hand. I had to make them cum first.  I sucked, licked, hummed, ball pulled, swiped with my tongue and occasionally deep throated them both when I wasn't jacking them hard and fast. 

I had a cock on each hand even as I moved my mouth between them. They were fucking my face now. I felt their hands pressing down on my head as I moved back and forth as they brought themselves closer to cumming. When my pussy quivered I sat back on my heels and jacked them both as I looked at the cocks in front of me. They were ready to cum. I closed my eyes and leaned forward as I saw their thighs start to shake. Michel swore and Tanner suppressed a scream with limited success as my face was covered with their cum.

I continued to pump both their cocks until they pulled themselves free of my grasp. I was about to reach up and wipe the cum from at least around my eyes so I could find my way to the bathroom when Michel spoke up.

"I'll go get you something to clean your face off with. I'll be right back Becky," he told me. I didn't try to open my mouth to answer him.  Almost right away, I heard the sound of pictures being taken. I must have been a sight and I would see for myself later.

The photo session continued even as Michel returned and wiped my face clean for me.

"There's your pretty mouth," Tanner said before he kissed me quickly before helping me up. "I've been dreaming of those lips for the whole time I was away," he told me.

"Just these lips?" I asked him before kissing him back. I closed my eyes and Tanner kissed me deeply as I felt Michel's mouth moving down my spine.

"I will be inspecting the lawn later," Tanner said before he nipped at my nose causing me to giggle. "But I did miss these lips of yours and your smile," he told me as he pulled me to him for another deep kiss. I was aware of Michel and his hands, not mention his lips as he spread my legs a bit further apart to give him access to everything.

"Ah!" I yelped as I jumped in Tanner's arms before I realized that Michel was trying to say something but didn't bother to pull his lips off my pussy that he just arrived at.

"What was that?" Tanner asked over my shoulder as he looked down at Michel as he pulled me away from the other man.

"I said 'Good, I'm already tending to them," Michel replied.

"So you are happy down here?" Tanner asked back as he rubbed my back and I started to kiss his chest, neck, collar bone.

"I could use a bit more room," he lightheartedly complained.

"I think I can help you there," Tanner answers back before I find myself being lifted off my feet and moved the rest of the way to our bed. I laughed out loud as he dropped me on the bed.

"And what are you going to do?" I asked Tanner as he slid onto the bed next to me.

"First let's see what Michel has for you, then we go from there," he said as he looked over at his husband who was standing at the foot of the bed looking down at the two of us. He crooks his finger at me telling me to come closer. I slide a foot closer as he now goes down onto his knees. Michel then maneuvered me onto my knees before pushing me forward with my legs spread wider for his unhindered access.

I now found myself between Tanner's legs with a cock that was looking for some attention.

"Do you think I can get another blowjob?" he asked like he was a kid asking for another cookie. To answer his question I reached my hand out and grabbed the base of his cock as I lowered my mouth over him and took his cock as deeply as I could.

I moaned down his shaft as Michel not only ate me out but licked around my ass too.

"She is so wet down here," he decides to tell us before he went back in.

"Good," Tanner breathed out. "I'm ready to fuck my girl," he informed Michel.

"Our girl," Michel said as he pulled away from again. "And you're the one interrupting our date," he said not sound upset at all.

"So we share tonight?" Tanner asked him before moaning as I took a slow long slurp up his cock.

"Oh, we share," Michel agreed before standing up. I held on to Tanner as he pulled me up and helped to saddle him. I was fully seated on his cock and rocking a little by the time Michel was back and pushing lubed fingers into my butt getting me ready for him.

I leaned completely forward and kissed Tanner as Michel probed me while I rocked on his fingers and Tanners cock.

"Ready Becky?" Michel asked as I felt him slide in behind me. Before I said anything, I felt Tanner's hands on my ass pulling my cheeks apart.

"You already know she's ready," Tanner told him as I nodded my head in agreement. I started low and moaned for the whole slide of Michel's entry. I haven't felt so tight and filled in so long. I was a little worried when Michel was still going when I thought he should have been stopping.

"Poor Becky," Tanner said as he rubbed my sides. "We haven't done this in so long," he said before kissing my face as I held on to his shoulders as I panted when Michel finally stopped and folded his body around both of us.
I breathed and breathed, and everything started to feel better. I was still full and tight, but it felt more comfortable.

"I'm going to start moving now," Michel warned me before I fell him pulling out. Tanner moaned as I gripped onto his shoulders. We were both feeling the pressure and slide of Michel's cock. Then without missing a beat, he was sliding back in and it felt great. I moaned in appreciation. We both did. Michel wasn't just fucking me. Tanner was feeling every stroke too.

I stayed perfectly still for the first six or so strokes then I started to rock with Michel.

"Oh Sweet Heaven," Tanner said as his fingers initially dug into my hips before he eased up on his grip to enjoy the ride. And ride we did. When Tanner started to more than just lay there and take what we were doing to him, he threw off the rhythm that we had fallen into and they both ended up holding me still as they fucked me in turn at the same time.

"FUCK!" I shouted as I came. "AH, ha, ha, aa," I continued as they continued to fuck me. I was shaking independent of their fucking by the time they both lost it and came inside me. I continued to shake in their arms we all came back from where ever we went mentally.

"I brought the wipes," Michel said as his way of warning me that he was about to pull out. I shivered a little from still be sensitive instead of raw. I smiled when I felt Tanner's cock flex inside now that he had more space, but he didn't stay inside once Michel was gone. I was laying on my side looking at Tanner when Michel started to hand out the wet wipes. We all cleaned up and threw them into the small trash can that was next to the bed before my two guys crowed in on personal space that didn't exist when they were around.

“Welcome home Tanner,” Michel told him after he kissed the back of my neck and placed his chin on my shoulder to look at his husband.

“How long are you home for?” I couldn’t stop myself from asking him. I knew I wasn’t going to be happy with his answer, but I asked now to be mentally ready for when he left again.

“Never,” he said before he kissed Michel as I watched on in shock.

“Never?” I asked him. I must have said it too softly since he continued kissing Michel instead of answering me.

“Never?” I asked him again as I pushed the two of them apart.

“Never,” he repeated. “I’m officially a vet as of 1900 hours yesterday,” he explained before bending down and kissing me. "I’m not leaving either of you again,” Tanner said as he looked into my eyes before looking at Michel too. Michel reached for him again and as I watched my face just cracked open with tears. I was overwhelmed with so many different feelings that I just cried as they continued to hold on to me.

"On the off chance of making your cry some more, I think now is a great time to do this," Tanner said as he bent backwards to open the draw on the side table and take something out of it.

"We both picked it out and went in 50/50 on the tab, but Michel picked it up from the store," Tanner said as Michel cuddled up behind me and we both watched him. He was now sitting cross-legged on the bed facing us. "We want to make it official, well as official as we could, now that I'm back for good," he continued before presenting me with a grey little box. I was thinking it was pendent as I took it from him and sat up with Michel sticking close by sitting up with me. I thought it might be a brooch as I started to lift the lid off. It was a little snug so it took me an extra second to get it off.

My breath caught in my throat as I looked down at the white metal ring with a lot of clear stones decorating the top half of it.

"This is," Michel said before he cleared his throat and reached for the ring that I left in its box. "A round and princess cut white sapphire sterling silver 3 piece ring set with 89 stones," he ended as he pulled it apart to show the three parts. You couldn't tell that it had three parts until you saw them separated.

I watched as they both placed all three of the rings on my ring finger and it once again formed this jeweled two-sided scalloped band that was around a round stone in the middle of a square setting of more stones. I looked down at my hand and was happy that it wasn't very big, but I still cried at being made part of this family in such a way. We were engaged. Engaged.

"We're engaged," I said out loud as I looked away from the rings and looked up into Tanners face as Michel tightened his hold on me.

"Is that a yes?" he asked me. How can he ask me that?

"It's an 'Of course'," I said before I held and kissed him before turning to Michel and pulling him in for one of his very own. "I love you," I told him before turning back to Tanner. "And I love you too," I said with wet eyes.

"She's going to cry again," Tanner warned Michel before I started to wipe them away. They both kissed me all over to calm me down before I fell asleep with both my guys holding me close.


I know, I got all sentimental at the end, but some stories lead me places and this is where this one took me.