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Feb 25, 2018

Looking Out My Window {exhibitionist}

[ I have a number of short stories over at Tumblr. So short, I don't really like to call them stories. I even labeled some of them blips in the tags. But I promised I would share, so I'm going to pick the longest ones to re-post here. And maybe one or two that I really liked that aren't so long.]

[The photo I got this story from can be found at the link below along with the Tumblr post I'm copying this from.]


Just standing in my room jerking off in front of my window as I watch my neighbours as they leave for work or school or whatever else they have to do this morning.
I wait for someone to look up and see me. I wait for them to become interested and continue to watch. To then leave their home and walk over to mine knowing that I was here alone. 
I would go downstairs and stand behind the door that I open for them. 
“Get undressed,” I tell them as I got to the point of why they were there. The door stays open, giving them the chance to leave if they didn’t really want to join me. 
Once they start to strip, I close the front door and look at them as they loose article of clothing after article of clothing. 
It could be Miss. Janis who came over after she watched her kids get on the hired school pick up van. It could have been Mr. Ebbert after he waved his wife off for work. It might have been Hank Ankile who walked around his school bus and skipped who knows what class of his 11th year.