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Nov 23, 2018

Celebration Time {male harem}

“Hey Mitch, congratulations,” Richard said as he turned his head in my direction. It took me a moment to look up from Kate who Kile had bent over and seemed to have fucked into her first orgasm. I looked to my left to see him slowly jacking off like I was.

“For what?” I asked him before turning back to see Kile resting in her before he gave Richard his turn next.

“She’s lactating. Dude, you’re going to be a Dad,” he said causing me to look back at him in disbelief. He was looking like he was ready to suck on those breasts himself.

“Rich, this is the reason why we are here. We’re celebrating,” I informed him.

“That must have been part of the voicemail I couldn’t make out,” he said as he started to stand. Kate was leaning against the wall while Kile walked towards me to take Rich’s seat next to me. “I just heard that you wanted me to come over and party with Kate like we did when we first met,” he ended before bending down to kiss Kate. That was most likely all he wanted to remember from the voicemail I left him.

I kept my eyes on them while he felt her up before going down onto his knees and kissing his way across her breasts and pushing her clothes aside as he made his way down into between her thighs.

“You know why we’re here right Kile?” I asked my friend.

“Sure,” he answered. “Kate’s knocked up,” he said. I smiled before he nudged my shoulder. “Congratulate me,” he then added on. I turned to look at him, and he let out a loud, full body laugh. I smiled at him and might have laughed myself before we watched as Rich held Kate’s legs on either side of his face and over his shoulders as he brought her to orgasm by eating her pussy out with a vigor that I hadn’t seen in a few years.

We all use to hang out and have such get-togethers for months before Kate settled on me. We still had threesomes, if you could call it that until we got married. Then we promised that it would start up again once I had gotten her pregnant. We were joking that her sexual apatite would need all three of us.

That was why we would be looking for a new place for all of us to live in a few months. I would be her husband, but I wasn’t going to be the only man in her life. We didn’t have everything planned out yet, but we got on well enough and were willing to give it go.

We would all have fun together during this first pregnancy. Then she should choose her ‘second husband’ and they would be together until her next child. And we would celebrate that pregnancy the same way. And who would be last, would be her ‘third husband’ and they would have their time, while the rest of us would be helping with the raising of our children. We wanted the children to be close in age, so no more than two years apart she once said. She also said that she was so looking forward to having all sex with all three of us all the time.

I watched as my Kate screamed as she crouched in on Rich’s head and her whole body shook. I think letting her be licked to a third orgasm was more punishment than pleasure and walked over to stop Rich from taking her there.

“Dude,” I said as I rocked him to get his attention. I heard as his tongue moved over her wet folds before he came up from between her legs to breathe deeply a number of times. “She needs a rest,” I told him when he just looked up me. Rich nodded his head and kissed her waist before he started to move. That is when I realized that he came. I don’t know if he jerked him to this end state or it was all from her licking out her pussy. I’ve seen him do both.

I pulled another chair from close by and sat down before I pulled Kate backwards to lay on me.

“Do you still want all three of us?” I asked her half joking. She laughed a little at my question.

“Fuck yes,” she answered me. “Just give me a moment, then I’m all yours,” she said as she settled onto my body a bit more. I brushed my hand up and down the front of her body. Over her breasts, down her waist and back up to her neck. She had Kile fuck her ass, and he was a big guy before Richard licked and sucked her pussy into orgasm twice all within half an hour.

I remember seeing her clothes, that she got all dressed up in, as they were slowly taken or fell from her body during the last forty-five minutes. I felt her nipples between my fingers and the hot milk as it ran down my hand.

“Mmm,” Kate moaned. “It feels like Daddy is ready to fuck Mommy,” she said before I felt her fingers moving over my cock that I saw was now sticking up between her legs. I didn’t disagree. I lifted her and aimed her pussy towards my cock. She even held it to help as I then lowered her down. “Oh Fuck!” she let out when she sat down and swallowed my dick on her second movement down my shaft.

I bounced her little body up and down until she started to shake. At this point, I held her down, and her pussy squeezed as it fluttered over my cock. I wanted to fuck her again before I came, but I roared almost as loudly as Kile did when I came inside her.

=== The End ===

Yep. That is is for this one. I’m not getting sucked into another long story here. Besides, I like the stories where the guys are into the other guy in the relationship. This one just turned out this way, and I let it be what it wanted to be. :)

Link to the post with the drawing.