So... I did get a few e-mails after all.

  I hope that isn't too big for you. I'm using a real desktop to do this.  So as you can see, I was notified about the death of my stories. I got 4 of these. I found them in my spam folder a day or two back when I was looking for something else.  They were kind enough to tell me about the stories in question, years after they have been on the site, but said I wouldn't be getting such a courtesy for the deletion of my profile. In fact, this could be considered my warning.  This was the shortest one, but I have one that I'm sure is aimed at either "Watch, But Don't Touch" Or "A World Of Fantasies". I'm half willing to bet the second one since it was the newest one. Less than a year and it was taken down at one point. And also "Summer Job". That was very popular. It took a while to get some attention, but when it did, it took off.  Oh well.  Ok. I'm going to work on the follow up for "World of Fantasies" now.  Later.

Links to other places - Update/news - 7/11/22

Yeah, I have no fancy title today.  I was over at Wattpad and it felt so empty. But I did post a progress thing so people will know that I'm still around and still writing.  I think I have the link around here somewhere for you to go see if you want to.  Either way, I said that I was itching to start posting the follow up story for 'World of Fantasies", but I couldn't see how to end it, and I need to be at least writing it before I can start posting.  Then I said how this second part is indeed different from the first part, like I said it would be. But I explained how it would be since the frame work for the first story wasn't my own.  I had a link up last time pointing them to where I got it from, to make it clear that I wasn't claiming the whole thing as my idea. I was just fixing up a story that had issues. A lot. I then found the link again and said I would post it here, to stay transparent, and to keep myself from getting into issues with Wattpad again. If

Over Due

Like I said. I had this posted over at Wattpad for a hot minute before they killed my account.  But now that I'm back here, I have a little fixing up to do and this is part of that.  Enjoy.  A Real Bottom {mxm} by JemGirl on Scribd

A Real Bottom - Part 3 {bxb}

  "What goodies do you have in there?" he asked as he continued to catch his breath, but being far less noticeable now. "Do you want me to list them for you?" I asked him as I stepped forward to bring our bodies back into contact. Tony watched me with darkening eyes while lifting his hands to grip my arms. With his brown eyes trained on my face, I captured his lips. Our tongues filled each other's mouth before our heavy breathing did. "Don't do that," Tony mouthed against my lips, minutes of tongue licking later. "Show and tell is so much more fun," he informs me before slipping out of my arms to walk towards my duffle. I watched Tony as he picked up my bag and held it to his body. He looked at me with a wide smile on his kiss swollen lips as he saw me watching him. Then his expression got sober before becoming downright dark with lust while walking backwards. Soon he crosses over the threshold into another room, and I follow him. It was

Coming Soon - A Real Bottom P3

 Hello. I just, 3-ish hours ago, realized that I missed making some updates to my list here. So I went to fix that, and saw that I hadn't updated one story on here.  A Real Bottom, as you can tell from the title.  So that lead me to finding the story, both on here to make sure that I didn't update it, and over in my Grammarly app for the updated/extended version.  But instead of just copying it and pasting it once I found where I started the extension, I started to read it over. I have odd blinders on that causes me to miss clear typos and mistakes in my stories, that allow me to believe that I typed it up perfectly until I read it over again.  So I'm reading it over again before posting. But not now. I've been falling asleep for the last 30 mins, at least. So I'm calling it quits. I'll get back at it tomorrow.  Later.  

New WattPad Update

  So I have new WattPad account to let the people who were following me, find me again and have a link to my stories on other sites. Here and Scribd.  I just had a little chat with someone on the site about stories going poof. I can now see why. I thought I would have gotten some kind of notice, but it says here that they don't give you any.  I would have cried, but I would have taken down my stories and just provided links and kept my followers and the none triggering stories.  Oh well.  My new Wattpad page is almost the same thing. I just added another 7. See?  Well later. It's past my bed time. 

Taking Care {fxf/incest}

 === Hello,  I've rewritten this story. I'll post links to both on the story list page.  Enjoy.  ==== "Maybe I've spoiled you too much," I told Pearl as I pushed her forward. She stayed quiet as she lifted her dress and exposed herself to me and the wall in this narrow alleyway. I watched as she spread her legs a little more, and she turned her pussy up just a little more.  Normally she would protest having to do this in public, but lately, her objections have lessened. You always hope that your children understand your reasons behind the things you do for them, but it still surprises me when it happens.  I pull the dildo out from between her wet vaganal lips. I wonder if she left her seat wet when we got up to come outside or if this happened on her short walk out here.  "Not much longer dear," I tell her as I turn on the vibrating function and pushed it back in.  "Ahh," she moaned softly. I slowly moved it in and out since it had been sitting