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My stories are fiction. No one is real. The situations and reactions are made up.

I have several different kinds of stories, and I cover a number of kinks.

Fiction means made up. No one is being damaged. Mentally or physically.

FYI - I really like consent in my stories.

Jan 14, 2021

Notice - House Boys Scribd Link - Updated


The story House Boys is currently being edited and uploaded, a chapter at a time, onto my Wattpad account. 

There were far more mistakes than I thought and several areas that needed to be re-written. So I've locked the link on my Scribd until I have a fixed version to upload there. 

I don't have that much time, so I'm chipping away at the story when I can. 

I'll post another notice when that day comes. 

UPDATE - Nov 23 2020

Hey there. 

I have come to realize that the version that I was reading over and reposting over at Wattpad was an older copy that I hadn't gotten rid of after editing it. 

But I'm still finding some mistakes, so when I am down I will make a new pdf and repost it over at Scribd. That has not changed, but I do feel better knowing that I didn't have such a shameful example of my writing up for so long. 

UPDATE - Jan 14 2021

So, it's done. Corrected. Pdf-ed. Combined and uploaded. On Scribd and DA.