A World Of Opportunities - Part 9 {gay}

  Part 9 "Twenty-one days," Dennis said in my direction as he walked past. I was sitting with my friends as we compared and traded notes. We were seated at one of the three sets of tables and benches behind the library. I looked up to see a smile plastered across his face before he turned away and continued to walk on with his teammates.  "Is he counting down to something?" Tiffiny asked as she continued to look in Dennis' direction.  "Twenty-one days?" two others asked me at the same time.  "Why are you looking at me?" I asked them.  "He was talking to you," Eli said as he now joined in.  "He was talking to John," I lied.  "Me?" John quickly asked back. "Why would he be talking to me?"  "Aren't you on a team too?" I asked, knowing it wasn't true.  "I don't have time for clubs never mind teams," John replied. "Besides, he was clearly talking to you," he added on

A World Of Opportunities - Part 8 {gay}

  Part 8 The cafeteria is crowded again today. Which is not surprising, considering it is the start of the semester. Bit by bit, new and old faces were showing up on campus as they got themselves settled or resettled. Another family group walked past as I dug into my lasagna.  PLOP! I jumped a little at the sight and sound of a folder being dropped next to my plate. I look up to see Dennis grinning at me before sitting down.  "And what are those?" I asked him as I pointed my fork at it before putting it back to work. I had just placed the utensil in my mouth when I felt Dennis rubbing my thigh in a welcoming manner rather than a sexy one since he couldn't kiss me hello. I grinned in his direction as I continued to eat my lunch.  "That is the last of the paperwork that I had to file for my student aid." I gave him a questioning look since my mouth was occupied. Dennis shrugged his shoulders before leaning forward to place his arms on the table. "I have to af