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Dec 26, 2014

New Covers

Hello again.

I decided to make some covers for my two non-fiction pieces. I did it last night, but I kept falling asleep when posting them to Scribd, so I gave up and slept for forever. Then I posted them, quite easily, not that long ago.

Here are just the covers, not the whole paper. It's interesting to note, the one about male orgasms has the most hits of all the stuff I have posted on Scribd.

I don't clam 'His Orgasm' to be mine in the least. I found it and formatted it so I could share it. The other one I put a bit more work into. The list I found. I then researched and expanded on each one. 

It was so hard to find photos that were big enough and showed what I wanted. So that is why these might look a bit fuzzy to you if you look too closely. I have the gimp files so if I find better ones, I'll swap them out, but for now, this is it. :) 

See ya next update. 

Almost There

I have one chapter left to post for House Boys.

I'm positing it next week Thursday, but I finished it last week Wednesday if not Thursday.

I made myself write out the last two chapters before going to sleep that day-ish. I didn't go to sleep until all 11 pages were done. I didn't realize how long I had made the second to last chapter.

I keep thinking that the last chapter shouldn't be called a chapter a chapter at all, but an Epilogue. I have a few more days to figure it out.

I'm going to try and make a table of contents for this story when I put the book together since I bothered to give a named to every chapter. Hopefully I'll get it work like bookmarks for each chapter so you can jump to them from there.

I've made bookmarks before, but you had to have a pdf view that showed them, in order to use them. I thought most people did, but then I saw that they were being lost when being combined with the cover. I'm using like three to four programs to pull this all together.

I don't know when I'll have all this pulled together, and I kinda feel like I should start messing with it now. Just like I feel like I should start reading over what I already have of my next story and continuing it.

I think that I should see this story all the way through before I start on another one.