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Oct 3, 2017

A Nude World {public nudity/masterbation}

In a world where sex and nudity wasn’t something to be hidden, there are a few trains that are being backed by some elite schools. The ones that transport their students from the inner city to their campuses that are out in the country so there would be less pollution to hinder the growth of their students, and to of course justify the tuition that they charge.

There are ones built for girl schools and others for boy school. A few have started to see how both could be mixed and if there was a market for that. These trains were designed one real reason, despite what a few may use them for.

It was to give them sexual release and also relief of any stress their lives might have given them. It’s been a known scientific fact for years. Instead of denying the sexual creatures that they are, some schools are now providing a physical way to help that along. This frees their mind to do what they came to school to do. Learn. Acquire friends and find out the kind of person they want to be.

They rode these trains twice a day. More if they were on a committee or in clubs. A month in teachers and parents or guardians informed the school in informal ways that they had noticed a marked improvement in their children. They were less distracted. Their grades improved. They seemed happier. And the most common was that they were now always on time for class.


I have to say. I don’t agree with the nipple piercing. It already looks like they had name tags on their collar. Why stick one to their flesh? If anything, they are still playing off the idea that they kept everything but their clothes and for some reason, they are keeping the ‘dress code’ to that of elementary school age girls. In this country (Japan ?) young kids had their address and contact information pinned to their clothes so if they needed help, an adult or an older child could help the get home.

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Here is the link to the post on Tumblr.