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Sep 15, 2017

The Story Of The Maids - Lilly {Cunnilingus}

[ I have a number of short stories over at Tumblr. So short, I don't really like to call them stories. I even labeled some of them blips in the tags. But I promised I would share, so I'm going to pick the longest ones to re-post here. And maybe one or two that I really liked that aren't so long.]

[The photo I got this story from can be found at the link below along with the Tumblr post I'm copying this from.]


“Mom,” my son said to get my attention.

“Yes Aaron,” I answered him as I opened my eyes and exhaled.

“I don’t remember this one,” he tells before he reaches over the side table and hands me a photo. We take photos of all our maids. It’s a nice walk down memory lane and it’s how part of our records are kept. Most of the names we are given isn’t always their legal one.

I looked down and saw a face that I hadn’t seen in about ten years.

“That is Lilly,” I said as I remembered how the photo was taken. My husband took that photo at the end of their ‘interview’.

“Lilly only worked here for three years,” I said as I continued to look at the green hair. “Lilly and people like Lilly gave rise to those stories where shady jobs got them through college. But now it’s so normal that I forgot it was as hidden as it use to be,” I ended before giving the photo back.

I settled in my seat again and tapped the head between my legs for them to continue. I lightly hummed my way to the edge of orgasm before I tapped their head again for them to stop. We did that three times until just their breath had me screaming as I came.

I barely opened my eyes and saw that we were alone in the sunroom again.


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