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Jun 28, 2008

I wrote this for a friend who never became more.


With legs crossed,
And mind absorbed in the sad tale of a song I reflected on my life.

As the heat radiated from my body,
I felt no cooler, no warmer.

I sat naked under the blanket, with one leg revealed.
My hands crossed themselves as they rested on it.

I felt so tired.
I needed someone.

I felt his hand as it rubbed itself up and down my back.
I looked to my side to see his face that was naked of its glasses.

I can hardly believe that I am here with you.
I am in bed with you, and you’ve touched my naked body as I have touched yours.

I am sorry that I did not have sex with you,
I am in love with you. You know this don’t you?

But I will wait for our wedding day.
That night I will give you all that is me. Whole and complete.

I reached out my hand and laid it on the side of his face.
You are real.

Dream sweetly my love, dream of me.
Like I have dreamed of you.

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