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Sep 18, 2012

Look, But Don't Touch

I've written another story for another contest. This one is based on the prompt "Super Hero/Super Heroine". I went with super hero. The contest will be over in six (6) more days. About five (4) days ago I asked for a week extension on the time until the deadline. Some people may say I was doing this for me, so I would have enough time to finish. But if anyone looked at the folder that we were to house the stories in and what I wrote in my request, you would see that no one had submitted any stories yet.

Personally, I think two (2) weeks is just too short a time to ask for a story from someone who has a life and work or school.

I tried to finish the story before the original due date, but I ran into a bit of a writer's block, and changed my ending a few times. In the end, I was only one (1) day late of the old dead line. Now by this time, only one other person had submitted their story. As it stands, I think it's just the two of us.

Anyway, I was going to post a link to the contest itself, but when I checked on the one I posted for my last contest story, I saw that the post was taken down. So I took a picture of this one, this time.

I'm not so hot on the gifts/prizes for this contest. In the last one I got a chair as 'co-founder' for the group hosting the contest. I didn't expect to win, but that is one prize I didn't mind.

Well my story for the contest wasn't anything I was thinking it was going be when I first started it. I made my own hero, and that was all I knew I was going to do. It never really occurred to me to write about any existing super hero since I haven't really kept up with any and I ran the risk of offending too many people.

So here are the links to the story. If you can leave a comment anywhere, please do. I need feed back to know how people like it. What I need to work on and such.

Scribd - Link

Deviantart - Link