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Jul 11, 2008

Our Small Cabin

Our small cabin is actually a shorter walk from the beach then I thought it would be. I was standing by the screened window in a dusty brown shirt. It's blowing and fluttering around my upper thighs with the help of the standing fan that was in the room. I heard your bare feet on the wooden floor, as you came towards me. You stood behind me, then leaned into me as you garbed my upper arms. You bent your head and kissed me around the sides of me neck, and up to my ear, as I tilted my head in the other direction. You told me that you couldn't watch me any more, that it was hurting you too much. I melted on the inside, and leaned back into you. Your hands left my arms and came across my chest, and over my breasts to undo the buttons of my shirt. You opened up my shirt, but you did not take it off.

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