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Aug 18, 2014

Another Short Story - Jewels

I seem to be in a contest frame of mind at this time.

This time the length was 350 words. Also, it had to be scifi this time. I wasn't planning on doing one yet, but this was a nice little trip into that subject.

They are currently voting over at DA so I'll have to come back and tell you how that turned out. :) Until then, here is the story I submitted.



“Sir? Sir?” I heard a woman say. I was happy where I was, but her voice was insistent. I opened my eyes but the bright light made me close them instantly. I then tried slower so I wouldn't be blinded.

“We've landed Sir,” the fight attendant tells me. She, was wearing a reto orange outfit that the airline was using to bring back the perceived elegance of the early nineteen sixties. “We will start teleporting soon,” she informed me as I stretched and yawned. Once she turned away, she found another passenger in their pod to rouse.

I woke up my tablet and saw that I had a message from Ryan saying that he was home. It was also twenty-one degrees Celsius, if you wanted to venture outside. Then the list of today's fashions if you wanted a change from what you wore the day before. Since I was going home, I didn't feel like being fussy, and kept the robe I had put on when I went to sleep for my flight. It was always too cold on these flights to sleep in nightwear never mind nude for me.

I soon found myself seventh in line. Before we got there our wrists were scanned to confirm that we left the oceanic flight and organized our bags to follow us to the same location. I watched the couple in front of me as they waited their turn. Clearly the temperature didn't bother them as they had boarded the flight nude and were departing it nude. She displayed diamonds of all sizes in her tied up hair, in ear lobes, in her nipples, in the middle of belly button, stuck to her fingernails and along some lines of her body. Even an anklet on her left foot.

As the man helped the lady that looked to be in her early twenties, like himself, up onto the transporter, anyone who was looking saw that she had one more diamond on her person. It was at the end of the of a butt plug, and it was the biggest diamond yet. I wasn't as turned on as a hetero or panro might have been, but I did smile. I had gotten an emerald one for Ryan.


It was heck getting it down to 350. I don't know if I'll ever tack back on the other 100-250 words that I had to take off to get it this low. I'm starting to forget most of it now, but I don't think that I will be make it much longer if I do, since I only thought of this as something to fit this contest. 

So I hope you enjoyed it and please leave a comment. :) 

Aug 12, 2014

I Tried For A Contest At DA and Didn't Win.

It was a hard contest and aimed itself at one of my weaknesses.

The contest was to write a very, very short erotic story. How short? 50-150 words short.

So I just picked an interesting bit from my third attempt. Of course I didn't win with that. It wasn't a story.

It was an excerpt from a make out scene. It was erotic, like they asked, but not a story.

Now they are having a slightly longer one. 350 words. Also erotic, but this time it has to be SciFi. I'm trying again. I'm going to put some time in on it in a few mins.

Oh, here is that losing bit, I'll come back and make the longer story, but not right now.


The Nest - 111
by jemgirl

“AAHh,” I screamed as I continued to feel pain. I gasped as my hardening nipples started to hurt. I felt myself get wet and drip unto him. Despite the pain I wanted him. He moved again and it was easier. On his forth thrust into me I felt bliss in the back of mouth. I moved my hand from the chair and slid it up his stomach, over his chest and around his neck. I held the back of Jason's head with his hair firmly clutched between my fingers. “More,” I demanded. His eyes looked darkly amused before he laid his hands on the floor on either side of me.


The 111 is my word count. See how little that is? I didn't realize it when I started. Oh well.

On to the next one.