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Jul 12, 2008

Jack and Me

Ok... This is one of the longest ones I've done, and I'm asking if anyone wants me to continue it. I'm pretty sure that I was going to continue it years ago, but at one point I just stopped. Should I start again?


Jack and Me

I was walking up the hill, on which my house sat, in the afternoon sun. I turned off the road and unto my driveway to hear a car screech to a halt behind of me. I turned around to see Jack’s car. It was a car that you would not have a hard time recognizing. It looked something that Germany would be proud of, if it was not colored neon purple. What was he doing here? I asked myself. I had just come from my sister’s, and she had said that they (Jack and Veronica) were in the middle of a fight. I was told that he told her that he was not going to see her for a week. My sister had predicted three days. I disagreed and gave him two. The last time that I was alone with him, he had said that he no longer had a girl. That he and Veronica had broken up.

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