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Aug 5, 2016


I've done it. I don't know why it's so hard to do, but I have. Finally.

I've sent off 'House Boys' to a publisher.

I know not to look for any kind of replay until, at the earliest, the end of next month. I may get some automated thing saying that they got it, but an actual personal contact e-mail will take time.

I'll let you know how it goes.

UPDATE - August 07th 2016

I'm surprised it's only 4 weeks. :) Let's see if good news can come that quickly. :)


UPDATE - August 22nd 2016

Yeah, I'm back. Since I'm not giving this it's own page, you can infer that I didn't get 'picked up'.

I don't know if something is wrong with my story, if it really doesn't fit with what they want to publish at the moment or what. I like the other guys that actually told me what they thought about my story and was honest with me concerning the few questions I asked them.

I guess I could send this to them and see what they say.

Unlike "Daddy's Acceptance", this story takes like three chapters before anyone even touches anyone. I think my summary might have just scared them off.

"Short synopsis : Edward Webb - Good looking, high-class prostitute. David Harris - College student looking for a job. Alfred Stroker - The man in the middle. Luke Greene - The persistent one. A romance story of pairs that sometimes equaled three. Love was found early and denied. Twice. How much would you be willing to spend to buy your future husband?"

The only reason I think that is because when I reposted the story over at DA, I gave this same summary since I realized I didn't have one and I got a comment about how the fact that Ed was a prostitute stopped him from even wanting to like never mind read the story.

I thought he was being a bit unfair, but people are allowed to have their opinions. But I would like to think that the person I submitted the story to at least tried to read the story before turning me down. Ed doesn't even show up until half-way through chapter 6. 

Maybe my wide idea of paying for sex shouldn't be a bad thing is what killed the story. I didn't say it, but come on. It's a story of 'House Boys'.

I'll let you know about my next move in a new post. Later.