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May 12, 2009

Chapter 58 Compleated.

Hey, I'm back.

I know.

I've been gone for a while...I've been writing.. or reading. :)

As you can see I'm still chugging along with my story. I took some time off to write two shorter ones.

One can be found over at

The newest one went up, as you can see, a week or so ago. Also, there was one that went up around the new year. I think I forgot to tell you about that one. Sorry.

The other one I did is hanging out over at deviantart. The name is "My Home". I did it for a site for pay. They haven't gotten back to me yet to let me know if they like it enough to pay to use it on their site. It's very sexy as you have guessed. :)

Would love some comments.

I'm working on chapter 59 and now my new goal for ending the story is 65'ish. Ya, hard to pin down a number.

Oh, here is a little nibble of this forever story.

A Peek by ~jemgirl on deviantART

See ya.