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Jan 14, 2014

Bang Bang

I have a new story. It wasn't all that planed since I just said that I wanted to finish up with 'House Boys' like a week ago. :)

But one of my adult clubs over at Deviantart (DA) had a contest with the prompt 'Sexy Cops and Robbers' and I thought 'Why not?" So I wrote something in up and had it looked over and posted in 4 days. I know. Not much time at all. But the contest was only a week long and I started when there was only 4 days left.

Anyway, what I first had in my head and what I ended up with changed maybe twice while I was writing until I got what I did. I think I got like two new followers because of it over at DA. It came out rather well if I say so myself.

One of my slightly older readers want me to continue the story. But he's thinking of it as in most of the world had gone gay so everyone is fucking with everyone kind of continuation.

I don't mind those stories, once in a while, but I try not to write those kind of stories. I'm still working under the belief that my stories are 'normal'. That there was a high chance of people being found in these situations. I try not get swept away in gay sex fantasy, but once in a while bits pop up here and there.

So he got me thinking none the less about how I could continue the story, if I was so inclined. I figured that I would make two more chapters. They would have have to tie back into the title some how and it would be nice if each one had as sex scene, but I wasn't sure it was going happen. At least not in the last chapter which I think would have had the whole thing ending on a sad note.

The idea is already starting to fade, I don't think it will happen and I half don't want it to. I have other stories waiting for me. I can't keep adding to the head of the line like this.

So here are the links to the story Bang, Bang.

Deviantart -

Scribd -

I just posted the Scribd one before writing this up, and since only my popular stories are the ones with the viewing issue, you should be able to view this just fine. Let me know if you can't.

Jan 6, 2014

Scribd Issues

I got this e-mail about two - three months back, but I didn't think that much about it, but I should have. So if you have been following me for a while over at Scribd and then ran into some notice asking you to pay, this is why. I still have all my work set as free to read and free to download.


We rarely send out product announcements, but we are so excited about this one that as one of our existing community members, we wanted you to be among the first to hear about it.

Today Scribd is launching an updated subscription service that lets you read unlimited books for just $8.99/month. It’s the first service of its kind and we believe that it can transform the way you read eBooks, allowing you to the freedom to read whatever you feel like in the moment without worrying about deciding what book to purchase.
Included with the subscription are thousands of bestsellers and new releases, including titles by well-known authors Paulo CoehloC.S. LewisArthur C. Clarke, and Michael Crichton. Scribd has partnered with HarperCollins, one of the world’s premier book publishers, to include thousands of their titles. So no matter what genre you like to read, from biography to romance we have new, popular books that fit your interest.
Other features
  • Thousands of bestselling books and new releases across every genre
  • Millions of user-contributed documents and written works
  • No limits - read as much as you want
  • Read on your iPhone, iPad, Android, or browser
  • Support authors. Your proceeds go to writers
As a special thanks for being a Scribd user, we’re offering your first month of Scribd for free. After that it's just $8.99/month for unlimited reading across all your devices.

By the way, that part about the proceeds go to the writers, it only goes to those that don't have their work labeled as free to read and download.

Now I have to either ask you to join the site and turn my stories in to pay to read stories since you have to pay anyway, so I get something, or I find somewhere else that is close to Scribd that is still free. The only thing is, it's a great site. I really like it, or liked it until this pay thing started to stop people from seeing some of my stories. :(

I'll try to make this decision quickly. Give me a week. I'll still post the new chapter tomorrow. As far I can see, the newest posts are still free. I've checked the first chapter of House Boys and it's still ok.

If you know of some place that might have promise, for me to move my stories too, let me know. :)

Jan 1, 2014

Last Post For The Day/Night

This is about 'House Boys".

I ran into a major snag when writing for a three weeks. I some how managed to get a seasonal job for Christmas. As if the work wasn't tiring enough it ended up hurting my hand and I had to wear a brace. I still put it on now and again since I was told it was 'carpal tunnel'and there are times when I can't feel my finger tips.

I've been touch typing for 15 or so years and it's 50 hours of stuffing and packing boxes that damages my hand. So I'm a chapter or so behind now, kinda.

I had a nice cushion of chapters between what I posted on DA (Deviantart) and the chapter I was currently typing up, so I posted a chapter for Christmas even though I hadn't written anything in over a week by then.

In fact I just started adding on to the story again two or so days ago. I thought about posting a chapter for new years, but I want to get a chapter or two finished before I post any more.

I had been stuck on chapter 33 for a longest time, and now I'm almost three full pages in on chapter 34. Like I said in the other post, I hope to have it finished by or on the weekend and then a new chapter will be posted over at DA.

While I was out injured, I completely forgot to post anything over at Scribd. I just realized it the other day when I beta-ed 'Yellow Pieces of Paper' and went to post it. So there is a month's gap in the posts for House Boys there. But I'm already back on track. I posted a chapter this past Tuesday. Tuesday some how became the day that I'm suppose to post a new chapter.

So things are up and running again, and there is a nice new comment thing for you to use, I'm added a translation scrip, so you rather have this be in French, go for it. :) It's above the posts. And a new year has begun. :)

See ya later.

I Did It!

And I'm ashamed that it took me this one.

For a while now I've had this account and I didn't set it up until now.

So now, you leave comments, ask questions, give suggestion easily. :)

Welcome Disqus. :)

If you know about it, I don't need to tell you about it. But for those of you don't know, know that you don't have to have account to leave a comment. I have guest comments enabled and there might be something there that you can log in with. They have like 5 ways for you to log in and keep track of your comments.

I'm leaving up my address that posted. Someone may still want it, and if no one uses it, no one uses it. :)

So there you go. One promise kept and it's still the first of the year. :D

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2014.

Yeah. This should have gone up before the last post.

Sorry. I slept through the ball drop so it wasn't really in there that the new year had already started.

So what will this year how for me, and my stories?

I should be finishing 'House Boys' in a about 3-6 months from now, not taking into account work. Work messes with all time lines. I may finish sooner, I don't know. I'm nearing the end of chapter 34 now.

I will not do this again. That is, I won't be posting any WIP stories again. (Work In Progress) So to let you know that I'm still kicking, I'll post a one shot, perhaps beta-ed, from time to time until I'm done with the next story.

I'm inclined to start work again on 'Pregnant Male' once 'House Boys' is finished, but I've started to think of the second part to 'Together'. My Inuyasha fanfic. This is going to be a more hetro story since I will be focusing on Sango and Kouga. I'm also starting to think that it might over lap with the Together's time line. I haven't made up my mind about much other than it will be about them with Kouga's clan. That will take a while also to write. It took me around 3 years to write the first story. I will like to think I will much better than that, this time around.

Then there is this other story that I actually wrote a draft for. It's been waiting years for it's turn already. I'll just have to stop myself from starting any new long stories, after or during, Pregnant Male so I can finally get gone with it. :)

As I say this, I see years of my life flashing before my eyes. :D

Also during all this I will be reading over and fixing errors in my earlier stories. I've already found some errors that have started to bug me, but I want to finish this, House Boys, up first before I do a story wide read, find and fix of typos. :)

So you may not see much posted from me, but I will try to keep you up dated as to my progress in the stores that I will be writing and if any major delays crop up. :)

I hope that this new year brings you as much excitement and love as most of my characters will have, in the coming year and thank you for sticking with me through the past years. :)

First Thing's First - New Posting

Hello. :)

I'm rather on time, considering my normal time line for posting anything new. :)

I ran into this story when I was looking for, slightly out there ... porn.

Two things about it. I had read it before but didn't remember the site, and two I don't think it was that out there. Perhaps it was because I had read it before.

Since I had read it before, I was struck by it's slew of mistakes and decided to beta it and post it on my Scribd account. Somewhere along the beta-ing process, I realized that if I was going to was post it on my Scribd page I could do a bit more than just correct the mistakes. Lucky me, some of the mistakes allowed me to add more detail to the story then there was before.

So this story that was less then a page and a half, without spaces for paragraphs, was turned into almost five full pages of something I think is a bit better. I even gave it new name. It was once called The Principal's Office, but I renamed it "Yellow Pieces of Paper". I didn't come with the name until I was done beta-ing it.

Since I didn't write it over from scratch, it has this odd late 1970's - early 1980's feel to it. I'm sure that the story really is that old. It also seemed to have been a slightly hetero/lesbian story before someone did a bad job of making it into a gay/bi story.

Now after all that I give you the link to the story. :)

Yellow Pieces of Paper - Scribd Link

Oh, I might not have said this in a while, but I welcome any and all feed back. I just wish that I had an easier way to get that done. I'll start looking to see what I can find since it would just be dumb to post my e-mail address here.. actually. I could spell it out for you.

j ho y elb a 77 (at) g mai l . c om

It goes without saying that you take out the spaces. I'll like to see a spider bot figure that one out. :) And it's to a new account so if I loose it, I'm ok, but I don't think I will. I'll still see if there something I attach to the blog. :)

So ask me anything or tell me anything you want there and I'll check it every few days since I don't expect that there will be a lot of you doing so. :)

Once again, enjoy the story.