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Apr 30, 2014

New... stuff. :)

I found this gif over on tumblr and someone actually tried to pass it off as a girl and a boy, brother and sister really.

It's clearly two guys so I went to change the story that was attached to it and wrote a longer story than I expected to.

So click on the link to read if you are interested in seeing what I came up with last night.

My tumblr is a NSFW account, so unless you have an account, you won't be able to see it. I think. Sorry. If you can, leave a note here, or there, for me letting me know. :)

As for "House Boys", I just finished chapter 40 I think. Let me go check. Nope. 41. :) I had a conflicting event, which has now worked out to happen later in the story.

Now this means that it's almost finished. I only have like a week left, in story time left to write. :) With only about three major events left to happen and plan. I'll try and toss in two bouts of sex acts in that time. :)

Apr 25, 2014

Apr 22, 2014

Potter Fanfiction

The stories aren't new by any means, and I've only fully re-read and fixed one of them "Stars". I'm in no rush to go over "Luna's Fairies". I went somewhere with that one, that I'm not keen on visiting again. I'm most proud of "Catching You" and "Couple's Conflict", So I'll look them over first.

But this post isn't just to let you know that they exist, but to show off their new covers. I had the idea for the covers since I made "Couple's Conflict" cover. For a long time I beloved that one shots didn't need covers or deserve them because they were so short.

So I have just abandoned that notion and now giving these stories the matching covers I had already thought up for them. I do not remember what order they were created in, si the upcoming order doesn't mean anything. :)

Now, "Stars" and "Catching You" are gay/yaoi. "Couple's Conflict" is humor/sexy straight story. "Luna's Fairies" is...yuri/bi/anal and...mind control. I say that, but you won't get it until you read the story.

Let me know what you think, or ask me any questions that you would like an answer to.

Apr 21, 2014

I Seem To Have Missed One

Below you will see the Scribd file/link. The model for the cover is Melisa Clarke. Here you see the cover and the picture that I made it from. 

Now this is an older story that I revisited and completed.  I was messing with this back and forth writing style back then, and I thought that I did a good job. But I couldn't keep it up when I got to the end, or I just decided to have mercy on my readers. :)

It's a boy/girl and girl with a different boy story. :) And that's all I'm giving you. :)

Oh, incase you didn't know, you are free to share the link and leave comments.

Apr 20, 2014

Awaken 2

I'm done with the second story for the book.

Yes, that was fast. I finished it two days ago really. I was just out for a day, unconscious for most of the next, then I had to read it over with a lot of interruptions.

I just posted it over on my Tumblr account. I think I will post all stories there, and link them here. When I've reached about 9-12 of them, then I'll put the cover on them and post the book over at Scribd.

Now this story is based on a drawing I found online. This one actually.

I came up with a great story, as you will read, but before posting, I decided to do a search for anything labeled 'yaoi' on Tumblr and the slew of boys in maid outfits that came up. For once I'm on the cure and not way behind it. :)

Well here you go. Awaken - 2 - Real Cream. Nice title ha? :D

Apr 12, 2014

I Promised You Covers

First up is the one for "Yellow Pieces of Paper". For some reason I'm having issues seeing it the cover on all pages of Scribd, but it shows up just fine when you look at the file itself. See?

The next one was "Nine to Five". It came out well, but not as good as "Yellow Pieces of Paper".

So what do you think of them? I think I have a nice knack for making covers. I just wish that the stories were larger so I they would be more worthy of a cover. :)

Ok. Later.

Awaken Update

Ok, I've made a decision and a cover. First the cover, since it was part of my decision. 

Yes, I have decided to put all those little bits that I may come up with in this theme, into one 'book' so to speak. So some will be incest stories, but not all will be. But they will be about or centered around shota. 

Shota or Shotacon =  Describes an attraction to young boys, usually from an adult individual. The usage of the term in both Western and Japanese fan cultures includes works ranges from explicitly pornographic to mildly suggestive, romantic or entirely nonsexual. A cutoff of "about 15" has been suggested as the dividing line between shotacon and sh┼Źnen-ai. Shonen-ai aka yaoi. 

The boy in the first story is 15, so I haven't really gone any where yet. I don't really think that I can go younger than 15 myself. So if I don't, I'll take out the word shota before putting up the cover. 

Clearly I'm going the explicitly pornographic route. That isn't to say I may never write something cute and had very little sex in it. It could be a good writing exercise for me. :)

So now this first story has to be renamed since I'm giving the name Awaken to the book. The name of the that first bit is now 'The Second Time'.

Apr 10, 2014

Awaken - The Story?

It's not so much of a story, but another slip my mind took down into the gutter.

Yes, there are lower places than I have already been.

The weird part is that I don't even remember writing this. I just found in a folder on my computer. I kinda remember coming up with the pattern for the lady's dress, but that's it.

What warnings don't apply to this little romp? Actually, the other list isn't that long, just ... it's like a bad version of Alex, but younger.

In this ... thing, the boy is 15. His dad is his step dad and his mother is still alive, but of course doesn't know about any of this.

It's very short, and for some reason I think it pulls of cute and sexy at the same time, even is one of them is a minor. Aahhh.. what word. Minor. But at least, like in Daddy's Acceptance, the kid is taking the lead. This dad just doesn't have any guilt over it.

So if you are interesting in seeing this... dribble, as in short bit of collected words, be my guest.

I still want feed back, but you can keep all the depraved ones to yourself. I already know. The only reason I wrote, and then not destroy it once it was found again, is because it's fiction. I never want to see this done in real life, and my own inner self had to put it on the boy's terms so even I could go along with it. No one, not even fictionally, is being taken advantage of.

So read the story if you are game and let me know if it lived up, expanded or fell short of what you would expect, or want.

If you know you don't want to read this, then don't go read it and then come back to tell me all the reasons why you don't like it.

Like I said before in the last post. This may find itself with a nice cover and living over at Scribd soon. And in some dark place, I was thinking of continuing this story. If enough people liked it or thought I did a good job so far.

AFF Stuff

Nothing much.

Still updating the re-edited version of 'Together'. I haven't gotten any reviews/comments yet, but I have less than 400 views so far.

I know that sounds like a lot, and if this was DA I would be dancing on the celling if I got that much, but it's a bit different over at AFF. Also with the story not being about just one couple I'm asking a lot for people who are picky about their couples. I have it posted in the Inuyasha and Miroku section and it one of only 72 such themed stories on the site.

So just those people would come looking for the story, then when they get there, they see that Kagome is there also. I found out that Kagome isn't that liked when I first posted the story over at FF. I can see some reasons for her not being the fav of this world, but for some of the bashings some writers put her through, it is just uncalled for.

Anyway, I can't really place it in the Kagome/Sess section because of his brother and Miroku and it being their story at the heart of it all. They, as in the Kag/Sess readers, didn't ask to read about a gay couple, and you know me. They would have gotten more than an eye full.

This is a problem that I'm going to run into with the other two books. I'm going to try to keep tabs on everyone in all the stories, but one person/reader pointed out that they seem to be drifting apart in this first book. I can't really help that. Other than hunting down the jewels, they have different interests and lives. The only reason they banded together, was to get rid of Naroku.

Considering Sango is going to be mated with Kouga, she can't live next door to Kagome and Inuyasha. Now those two will still be interacting with each other now that they will be living together. So they will cross paths a lot in the last book, I'm pretty sure.

I've gone way off track. I was suppose to be talking about AFF.

So yesterday I updated my profile. The actual page you get when you click on edit button is a bit odd and limited. It has set slots for specific sites and information. One of them was malfunctioning so I had to move a link from blog to personal website. It looks more filled out now, but I'm thinking of changing this photo that shows up there. It's suppose to be your av (avatar) but I don't see where in AFF it's even used. *shrug*

Oh, I'm also thinking of posting "Nine to Five" over there. As far as I can see, you can post anything there. so that and another little 'story' that I posted on my Tumblr account I'm think of posting there.

Yeah, that story... I'll talk about it next.

So I'm getting to be a bit active over at AFF these days. Every four days or so, I go over and post 5 more chapters of 'Together'. I'm up to chapter 30 I think. So about 4 more updates, then I'm done with that. I'm not sure if I'll post "House Boys" over there when it's done. I think I'll give it to GoodReads.

I think I might, might, post these little, taboo stories over on Scribd. At least I'll have fun making the covers. :D

Ok, I think that's it for this. :)

Apr 9, 2014

Nine To Five : Not Quite An Office Romance - Full story

Here is a, treat? for you. I came across this story the other day and decided to work on it a little. I relearned about how I used to write all those years ago. 

All in all it's not bad, a bit odd with ti's plot, and if you are use to my stories, you will know it's not all my style, but back then, I use to try out different ideas in shorter stories. So enjoy.

This is the story of sexual harassment going right.

This is a fantasy. Nothing more than a story that isn't based on anyone I know.

I own this story so if you want to use it or repost it, ask me first. 

Nine To Five: Not Quite An Office Romance

Act I

"I'm tired of you playing with me," I told Russell as I locked his door behind me. "Isn't 7 o'clock a wonderful hour?" I asked as I kicked off my heels.

"What are you doing here?" he asked as I came closer.

"I came back for a disk and saw that you were still here. So I decided to tell you that I don't like being played with."

"What do you mean, being played with? If you're talking about that raise that you were promised it's coming. I swear."

"Oh, you swear?"

"Yes I do."

"Well that is good to know. It wouldn't have been worth all my effort if you didn't," I told him. Russell nods his head in agreement, then stops to stare at me as I pull the belt from around my waist. I then took off my skirt before reaching for the buttons on my shirt.