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Oct 25, 2016

Ian and Carl: You Can't Fire Me...

I have written a new 'chapter' for the collection.

I posted it over at DA -> Ian and Carl: You Can't Fire Me...

I'll be posting it over at Wattpad in a few hours if not a few days. :)

I may come back and post the whole thing here. I'll see. :)

Well, my long weekend is over. My sister didn't have work Monday and today. She has a Jewish boss so his office was closed for one of their holidays. I think it was 'Jewish New Years'? Not completely sure.

I did get some work in The Queens, but because of my coughing, I didn't get to work on it as much as I would have liked.

I thought that since I was stuck at such a point, so far into the first book, then I should at least move on the second draft of the first book and perhaps that would help me understand where to take where I left off, to where I know it should end.

Then I'll just work on the second draft for books 2 and 3. I'm half tempted to put off looking up recipes until the actual writing, but now that I think about it, I think I'll do the research for the dishes and just write down the names. That way I must have to look them up again to help describe them.

If you have suggestions I'm all for them. I'm looking for older dishes. Something that doesn't need refrigeration since they don't have any in my book and mostly vegan. Perhaps vegetarian. They almost don't eat any meat. Maybe once or twice a week, but it's so against their norm, that just about no one is sitting down to a stake.

Ok. That's my update. :)


Oct 18, 2016

Awaken 3 - Airplane Ride

This is set to publish itself in about 13 days on my tumblr blog, but I think I did a really good job and wanted to share it here. Enjoy. :)
I’ve gotten around to writing another short story for the set. You can blame more bad porn for giving me the idea for this one. I started it a few weeks back on the laptop and I just sat down and finished it this morning. 
I found myself seated on an airplane with my family. I looked across the aisle and there was my Mum with my sister Kimberly. I looked to my left and there was my step dad Mark. He was looking through those things that they stuff in the back of the seats for passengers to read. Safety procedures, a menu if you felt like paying more, a barf bag and one or two airline magazines.  
I felt like we had been in the air for a while since I kept twisting my body to ease up on parts of my arse. Once again another male steward walks past our seats and I watched his arse in the tight black pants he was wearing. He stopped to talk with another one about four seats down and I watched them talk for a little bit before I looked at his back and saw that he was wearing a white vest that stopped at the curve in his spine that turned into arse and my eyes went down his black leggings which showed that he didn't have dimples down there.
They laughed at some joke before going to the front of the plane. I watched one of them as they reached for the mouthpiece so they could talk to everyone in the plane. His white vest was over a white tee shirt that had a pair of blue wings in the middle of his chest.
“We will be serving dinner shortly. We have vegan as well as vegetarian meals. Please check the menus in the pockets before you for everything else we offer as well as prices. We do serve wine and beer on this flight. Picture ID will be needed for those purchases. Due to international rules 21 is the drinking age on all flights.”
I turned to my left again as Mark looked for the menu that he may or may not have looked at before. I thought about looking at the menu myself. I guess I was hungry.
All too soon the food trays were being collected and I was swallowing the last of my Ribena. As I looked up and to my side, I glanced at the blue wings on his tee shirt before I handed over my dinner tray. I then turned and got Mark's to give to the steward. Now there was smooth skin and he looked like he had a tan. He wore a pin of blue wings that wasn't that big on his vest. I wondered if they sold those online.
My eyes moved down his stomach until I got the top of his tights. Then I looked further. His bulge wasn't that big and the fabric looked thicker than I thought it was earlier. I pulled out my ear buds from my pocket and my phone, to plug it into the screen that was in the back of the seat in front of me. I flipped through the channels trying to find something I would be interested in watching as they dimmed the lights in the cabin.
Alpine tv. No. Fitness tv. No. Young kids tv. No. Middle kids tv. No. Tired mom tv. No. Tired dad tv. No. Older teens without swearing. Maybe. I clicked in, then clicked back out when I saw GI Joe cartoon listed as the first thing. High school kids tv. I kept going. Getting ready to leave high school tv. I gave this one a chance. Girls for Girls. I looked over at my step dad. He seemed to be trying to take a nap. If they had girls for girls, they might have boys for boys. I looked around before looking to see if it was there. When I looked back down the aisle I saw a steward as they handed out blankets. I waited for them to pass our seats. I even went back to see what other channels were there while I waited. Flowers. Rivers. Stocks. Beach cams. Star Trek. I was slightly side tracked with that one. Memories of the cartoon version with their funny sounds came to the surface. I saw the face of all the captains in order of their show dates. I was seeing Captain Janeway's when a steward tapped me on my shoulder to get my attention.
He asked if I wanted a blanket. As I turned my head I saw one of his nipples at eye level since he had bent down for some reason. I said sure and thank you, then he handed me another one and said it was for my brother. I told him thank you instead of correcting him. My Step Dad was a little bit younger than my Mum but he appeared even younger than that. I was also looking at my birthday in seven months which would mark the end of my twentieth year and the start of my twenty-first.  
I brushed Mark's arm as I placed the blanket over him and he stirred. He didn't wake up and the presence of the steward reminded me of what I found before. I looked around to check if anyone was looking in my direction. I felt like the plane was full, but the only people I saw was Mark, Mum and Kim. They were all sleeping. The stewards were nowhere to be seen and the other seats were filled with people, but I just saw dark shadows.
I adjusted the blanket over my lap before finding my way back. It was there. Boys for boys. I clicked on it and was given a list of situations to pick from. The further down the list I went, the more contact the actors had with each other. The second to last one was titled Prom Night and the last one was Getting Into A Frat House. I picked Prom Night. Nothing happened until the prom itself was over. Well, not really nothing. They went to prom as each other's date. They held hands and kissed openly. They slow danced and the tallest one looked like Buck Laftet from my Advance Maths class. When the dance was over, they got into a car and the other guy, who's name I don't remember, drove them to a house. I think it was his, but I don't know.
It showed them kissing as the front door was opened. They walked into the house after Buck kicked the door shut. They continued to kiss and were pulling off clothes as they entered the living room. The lights were on and someone watched them as they made their way to the couch and fell onto it. They broke apart and laughed a bit before they started to kiss again. The camera moved from the back of the chair to the side, but it was at such a low angle that a side table hid the person's face. But when they crossed their legs I saw that it was a man watching them. They continued to kiss and get rid of clothes without noticing he was there. Buck was naked and pulling off the last thing from the other guy's body when he saw the other man looking at them. We weren't shown his face until Buck turned around when he saw his friend looking at something else other than him.
“Father,” Buck said happily as he stood and walked over to the man that now stood. He looked liked Mark. I looked down at the man propped up next to me. It was the same face, the same hair colour, the same hair style, the same skin tone. He even had the healing cut on his lip from when he fell down the stairs into the basement a month ago. That was Mark. I had started to rub my cock under the blanket, but now I wasn't sure what to do as I watched Buck kiss this man, that he called, father, on the lips.
“Did you have a nice prom?” he asked Buck before he looked in the direction of the stunned boyfriend who was no longer laying on the couch but standing in front of him as naked as his son who he was hugging.
“Yes and this is Seth,” he told him as he introduced the other boy. I blinked as heard my name.
“Sir,” the other Seth said.
“Call me Mark,” the man told the boy. I swallowed as notions and possibilities had me holding on to my cock in anticipation with a healthy mixture of trepidation. When I heard what they were saying again, I realized that I had zoned out for a bit and missed part of the conversation but what they were saying stopped me from rewinding it.
“I met Buck on my second date with his mother,” Mark two said. “We got off really well with each other. In fact, it's thanks to this guy that I ended up marrying his mother,” he told the other Seth before he bent his head and french kissed his son. Seth two's hands slid from his crotch where he was hiding his cock to show that it was starting to stiffen up as he watched his boyfriend kiss his dad.
“He's bisexual,” Buck told Seth two when the kiss was finished. He then walked in his direction and took a hold of one of his hands. “I told you that tonight was going to be something amazing that you wouldn't forget,” Buck told him as he brought him closer to his father.
“Hello Seth,” Mark two told him before he reached for his face and pulled him into a kiss. Mark two wrapped his arms around Seth two. He pulled him close and the boy's naked body was pressed into clothes he was still wearing. His bigger hands moved around and along his back as Buck started to kiss Seth two's shoulder. He then peppered kisses on his back but he didn't avoid kissing Mark two's hands and arms in the process. He then kissed lower.
“Mark,” Seth two said.
“Seth,” Mark two said.
“FUCK!” Seth two shouted as he shot up on his toes and pressed into Mark two some more. The camera panned down his back until Buck's hair was seen, then they screen went black. My hand stopped jerking my cock as I sat there stunned. Then I was outraged as I saw the text that came up on the screen.
All x-rated content has to be first accessed by a steward before a passenger may watch. This is to ensure the age of the passenger is lawful.
I thought about watching the next one, but I didn't want to get blue balled again. I closed my eyes and willed my erection to go away even as fingers brushed up and the shaft. I told myself to stop touching it, but they weren't paying me any attention. Then as I scratched the side of my neck I realized that those fingers didn't belong to my hand. I looked down and saw a long bump under my blanket that lead to Mark. He still had this eyes closed, but he was sitting differently now. His blanket wasn't up around his shoulders like I had draped it. It was across his lap like how I had mine. Both his hands were under the blankets, with one working on my cock as it now grabbed it and slowly jerked me off. His other hand was doing the same thing to his. I put my hand under the blanket and propped it up a bit so no one could easily tell what was going on in my lap and perhaps shield his lap a little as well.
Mark moaned a little and I came a little as fright and excitement played along my spine.
“I want to hear you moan,” Mark told me as he turned his face more in my direction but kept his eyes closed.
“Would you mind keeping it down,” someone sitting behind us said. Now Mark opened his eyes. Even with the light being so dim, I saw the green of them looking back at me. “Bathroom,” he said as he pulled his hand away from my excited cock. I adjusted my pants before I stood and started to walk to the back where the lavatories were. I was aware of him walking behind me. I could feel his heat as it almost burned my back with is presence. When we got there I was happy to see that it wasn't occupied. I opened the door and stepped in and very quickly Mark was in there with me closing and locking the door. He reached for my neck and kissed me soundly before pulling back and looking into my face.
“Do you want to do this Seth?” he asks me. “It's natural to want to be close to someone when you have feelings for them,” he told me before he kissed me again and I felt as he rubbed his crotch into mine.
Who had feelings for who? Was the question that crossed my mind even as it was going blank because of the blood leaving my brain to swell my dick.
“Of course,” I commented instead of answering. In that instant, his hands were down the back of my jeans grabbing my arse as he pulled me even closer. I felt as he pulled my cheeks apart and spread my hole a little before he grabbed and worked over each cheek as I tried to focus on kissing him back with our tongues seemingly fighting each other.
“You don't have to be quiet here,” he tells me as he pulls away for some air. His hands are still in my jeans pushing me towards his crotch as he sways it into mine. “You don't have to bite your pillow like you do at home,” he tells me as he starts to push my jeans down my hips. “You don't have to pretend that other people are me,” he tells me as he steps on my pants and pull my legs free. “Don't call me Dad or Mark as you image and feel my cock sliding into your arse,” he instructs as he turns me around to face the mirror over the small sink. “Moan Daddy loud enough for me to hear clearly,” he states as I feel his flesh part the two halves of my arse.
With each push he moans. With each millimeter, I feel my hole burn and become slick at the same time. He pushes and moans and spreads my legs and I moan with him.
“FUCK! Daddy!” I shout out for a number of reasons. He was still pushing his way into me. It's like his cock didn't end. I was so full that the pain was exciting. I heard the loud humming as it came from the engines and I felt like I could be as loud as I wanted to be. As I was told to be.
“That's my boy. My horny, hard cock boy,” he moans and whispers into my ear at the same time. I look into the mirror and I see him naked behind me. Both our figures gleamed with sweat. I saw the space between our bodies and wondered how much longer his cock was. I didn't think that I would be able to hold much more. But then I felt it. His pubes. They brushed my skin before being pressing into my arse. I was pushed up onto my toes and I felt lust curl up in my stomach next to the impossible long dick that was already in there.
I watched as he wrapped one arm around my chest and I felt as his fingers tightened around my cock.
“Bloody Hell!” I shouted as I came. My jizz hit the wall and the mirror and part of the sink as I fired off four times. Bits bounced back and landed on me like spray from a crashing wave.
“Now I'm going to ride you until you cum again,” Mark said before he started to suck at the back of my   neck. He pulled out his dick and I instantly felt less bloated. I prepared myself for the long withdraw before the long reentry, but it never happened. He was pushing back into me almost as soon as he started to withdraw. My head was knocked back and my mouth just hung open. His tool was thick but now it felt like it was the right length. He pulled all the way out and stabbed me deep again.
“Oh Daddy,” I started to repeatedly moan. My cock never went soft, but it was achingly hard now and he just started. I braced my hands and arms on any surface in front of me to keep him from slamming my erection into anything. I looked up and into the reflected eyes as I panted loudly. His breath burned my already hot skin. As he continued to hold my gaze I felt myself tipping over. He continued to inflict repeated assaults on my prostate and I moaned loudly as I shook in his arms and under his body weight. I believed that I ejaculated again, but I wasn't able to pay attention. At one point my eyes closed and I lived in the chemical surge that was going through my body.
My voice surged to life again as I felt Mark's teeth as they sunk into my shoulder. The raw heat in my arse was soon tempered by a liquid that worked it's way from the inside out. He came. He was cumming.
I felt myself drifting. My legs were shaking, my arm slid down a wall. I closed my eyes consciously and licked my lips. I was so thirsty. I flexed my arse hole and I felt his shake behind me. I was aware of the smile the curled my lips. It was the last thing I was aware of.
“Seth. Seth,” I heard Mark call out to me as he shook me awake. I opened my eyes and looked at him. I then looked around to see where we were. We were in our seats. There was light coming through the windows and there were people around us talking with the normal low chatter to be found on any fight. As I rubbed my eyes I felt the plane as it touched down.
That was one of a few things that surprised me. I saw people on the plane. I wasn't in the bathroom where I thought I passed out and no one 'woke me' before we started our decent. I looked over at Mark again and he was acting like he always did as he pulled out his phone and turned it back on.
I started to question what I thought I remembered. I remembered what I believed to be my only bid into the famed mile high club and with my step-father no less. I pushed the blanket off my lower half and was once again set back by finding myself fully dressed. I sat up a bit more and slightly went against the seat belt that was holding me in the seat. I looked to the left and out the window was... it took me a moment to remember where we were suppose to be.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Miami, Florida. The current time is 8:52am with a welcoming temperature of 24 degrees Celsius or 76 degrees Fahrenheit. The flight attendants should be handing out customs forms. Please fill them out for an easy entry into the US. All bags will be found at D4. Thank you again for flying British Airways,” the captain said as I watched the flight attendants as they handed out forms to the passengers.
They were women. They had a blue and white scarf tied around their necks and they wore a white shirt with a blue skirt. I was more disappointed that there weren't any wings to be seen over not seeing the male stewards that I fabricated for my dream. For now, I was sure that what I lived through was just a dream.
I remembered everything that was real. I was going to college here. In Florida, but not Miami. I was part of a student exchange program. Everyone said that I should have done it during my second year of University, but I had put it off until my third. I came a little early so I could have something of a family vacation before classes started and to keep myself from feeling rushed. As my mother repeatedly told me.
At least I knew that she would help in finding me an apartment before also setting it up before she left with everyone else. Making that one less thing for me to truly worry about. And in having my own place to sleep in hopefully a few nights, I wouldn't have to worry about anyone parental being present and within earshot if I bumped into anyone I wanted to bump into a bit more. The thought created a smile as I now unbuckled my seat belt and stood with Mark to get our bags from the overhead bins.