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Jun 28, 2008

A very sad thing that happens too often.


Part One

I felt my present
Become my past.

I saw every thing that once was tangible.
My friends, the places I had been and the things I did,
Become dated, memories.
My memories began to fade

I felt the cup in my hand at that time.
I felt the grains,
I knew the color of it was blue.
I felt the color blue

I drank the water from the tap,
It tasted much better than it did earlier

Part Two

With history heavy in my lap.
I stretched a hand forward and opened it

I saw her blue eyes which were crinkled at the edges,
Looking back at me.
Her hair was stuck in a persuasion to go east

My hand moved upwards again to move the hands of time.
I turned the page over to see us together,
And smiling like a couple of twelve year olds at the age of twenty something.
Our poses were also reminiscent of juvenile beings

I closed it then,
Not wanting to feel anymore,
Because I was not ready to believe

I got up and went into the kitchen,
With the intent to clean.
I already had two plates in my hands,
That I brought from the table.
I place them in the sink,
And reached for the two glasses that still stood on the counter

I saw her lipstick on the edge of the glass,
Where it half enclosed a tiny flower.
I remember ten minutes ago.
"I walked through the door just in time to hear the phone ring.
I thought she called to tell me that she forgot something at my place.
It was her brother "Hi Jimmy!".
He then told me in sobbing detail.

I put the glass under the faucet,
And with some soap I erased her.
Water slid out of my face,
As I said "Good-bye."

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