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May 8, 2015

How to leave me a comment without others knowing.

This is how to leave a message with Disque without haveing to sign up.

This works here on my site because I’m allowing anonymous comments. Not everyone will.

Oh yeah. I was suppose to give you news on my newest story. Ok. Here.

I've been the library, and I have research material for my next two stories. Yeah, I keep entertaining the idea that when I buckle down I'll be done with my newest story in like a week or two. But I still know I have at least 5 parts left to write then I have read it over and add some more details, maybe, and catch as many typos and make sure the time is followed.

What book did I get for this story to help me finish it? Pregnancy Book. Yeah, that's the name of it. Simple I know. Also yes, someone is having a baby. No, it's a brand new story, you haven't seen these people before.

There you go. :grin:


May 6, 2015

Kryptonian Sperm and Virgin Super Heroes call in The Pro

I fixed up and made something a bit easier for people to get their hands on.

I told you about this essay ruined my ability to suspend 'reality' and believe that Superman can settle down or even have a sex life with someone human. I'm going to have to really ship Superman and Wonder Woman now. There is nothing wrong with that, I just have never thought of them being together before.

Either way, I tracked down as much as I could about the essay "Man of Steel - Woman of Kleenex" and put them together in a pdf that I just posted over at Scribd. Have a look.

Then near the end I found this comic that incorporated some of it into at least one of their stories.

he Pro was a hilarious one-shot adult comic from Garth Ennis, Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti that showed some of the...dirtier...aspects of being a real-world superhero. Recently, Palmiotti mentioned on his blog that plans were in the works to turn the comic into an animated series, but that it fell apart. Now, The Pro may receive the big-screen treatment and Palmiotti posted his pick for the lead role: funny woman Sarah Silverman

The movie wish or rumor was back in 2009. 

Until I found that description, I thought it was a run of comics and not just one. Well, that would explain why I can't find that many pictures from it. So let's see what Amazon has to say about this book/comic.

There seems to be two for some reason. 

I put the link to the Kindle Edition so you can see inside the book. 

Ah ha! Just found out something. They are both the same book. The Kindle Edition just has a new and different cover when it was created in 2013.

Oh, side note. It was best book of 2014 at Amazon it seems. 

So there you go. A whole post that concerns itself with how superheroes got off. :D

I found a few more pics and I think I'll go post them over on my tumblr. 

Next post will be about my stories, I promise. :)