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Jun 28, 2008

Can you tell were I got the title from?

This Kiss, This Kiss

My hand slowly traveled up the front of his shirt,
My fingers played with his collar.
The tips of my fingers grazed his chest and the lower part of his neck

My head was bent as he looked at me.
I tried once again to tell myself that it was true.
He was here,
I saw my gold ring shining in the afternoon’s light.
We belonged to each other.
He wanted me.

My eyes traveled up to his eyes,
As my hand closed in on the back of his neck.
I felt his hands as he pulled me closer.
Our breaths kissed before we did

Soon the wall, floor and air,
Was filled with capping and cheers.
As much as I wanted to cling to him,
I had to let him go.
We then turned to world,
And pronounced man and wife.

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