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Oct 30, 2015

After Work {gay/age difference}

[ I have a number of short stories over at Tumblr. So short, I don't really like to call them stories. I even labeled them blips in some of the tags. But I promised I would share, so I'm going to pick the longest ones to re post here. And maybe one or two that I really liked that aren't so long.]

[The photo I got this story from can be found at the link below along with the Tumblr post I'm copying this from.]

This story expands a bit more on a post I made for it a while ago. That just had a link, here you get the whole story. :)


He was waiting for me in my bed after work. I didn’t expect to see him, but I was still glad to see him there.

He was under the covers and looked so peaceful as he slept.

I moved around the room as I got undressed and put my briefcase next to my desk. That desk is one of the reasons I was currently single. My last girlfriend would say it was because I was gay. At least that is what she told me as she walked out with her stuff about 4 months back.

Two months after that I stumbled across the dark haired beauty that was currently laying between my sheets. He stops by when he feels like it and after finding him on my steps enough times I gave him Kelly’s old set of keys. He made a point of taking off her rainbow charm and throwing it in the trash in front of me.

As I walked out of the bathroom, drying my hair with a towel that blocked most of my view, I heard movement coming from the bed. I stopped what I was doing, and pulled the towel down to my neck so I could see.

“I did that when I got here too,” Ian told me.

“A bath?” I asked him as I walked in his direction.

“Yes, but the wet look looks better on you,” he said as he started to crawl out from under the blanket to meet me at the foot of the bed. I smiled wider as he sat his cute and naked butt down as he waited for me to get closer.

I watched his hand as it held on to one of his shoulders before he let it slide down his chest and over a nipple that he stopped for a moment to tweak. It then glided down his slight impression of abs and down to the base of his cock that had a trimmed bush around the base.

Ian once said that he had waited 16 years to have it grow in that he wasn’t about to shave it all off. He then asked me why I did shave mine. I told him that after 16 years of it inching me, I was more than happy to keep it gone.

As I came to a stop Ian reached up and pulled the towel from around my neck making me as naked as he was.

“You seem to be ready for another breeding session,” I said before pulling him up by his shoulders.

“That sounds so wrong and sexy at the same time,” he told me before crushing his lips to mine. I crawled onto the bed and over his body as we remained lip locked.

We kissed and sucked and licked and we were not quiet about how we gave or received such treatment. He then licked his way down my neck on his journey further south.

I lasted as long as I could before I pried Ian and his throat off of my cock and turned him around to get down to some business. With the spit on my cock and the lube that I put in his ass as he sucked me off, I lined up my dick with his ass pussy before pushing in balls deep in one swift go.

Oh, I love the shaking his body goes through as he screams out in shock, pain and the tip of his need and want for more.

“Aahh,” I moaned as my body shivered likewise in response to his. With my arms still around his shoulders I felt as he pushed his arms into the bed and his ass back into my groin as he made me go deeper into him. He wanted more and I wanted to give it to him.

I slid my hands down his hot body and rested them on the bed against his thighs. As I held him closer I felt my toes start to tingle. This was so going to be good.

“Fuck me already,” Ian insisted as he fucked himself back onto my dick once to get my attention. I bent my head and kissed his neck as I took over the fucking. The deep fucking.

“Yes,” I answered back as my hips picked up a rhythm that left my mind free to enjoy what I was now feeling. Ian’s body moved with mine. His breathing was ragged and deep as I took him closer to an ass orgasm.

“Oh Fuck!” he shouted as I felt how close he was to falling over his edge.

“That’s it baby,” I told him. “Just a little more. Just a little fucking more.”

Tumblr Post With Photo

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