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Jan 1, 2014

Last Post For The Day/Night

This is about 'House Boys".

I ran into a major snag when writing for a three weeks. I some how managed to get a seasonal job for Christmas. As if the work wasn't tiring enough it ended up hurting my hand and I had to wear a brace. I still put it on now and again since I was told it was 'carpal tunnel'and there are times when I can't feel my finger tips.

I've been touch typing for 15 or so years and it's 50 hours of stuffing and packing boxes that damages my hand. So I'm a chapter or so behind now, kinda.

I had a nice cushion of chapters between what I posted on DA (Deviantart) and the chapter I was currently typing up, so I posted a chapter for Christmas even though I hadn't written anything in over a week by then.

In fact I just started adding on to the story again two or so days ago. I thought about posting a chapter for new years, but I want to get a chapter or two finished before I post any more.

I had been stuck on chapter 33 for a longest time, and now I'm almost three full pages in on chapter 34. Like I said in the other post, I hope to have it finished by or on the weekend and then a new chapter will be posted over at DA.

While I was out injured, I completely forgot to post anything over at Scribd. I just realized it the other day when I beta-ed 'Yellow Pieces of Paper' and went to post it. So there is a month's gap in the posts for House Boys there. But I'm already back on track. I posted a chapter this past Tuesday. Tuesday some how became the day that I'm suppose to post a new chapter.

So things are up and running again, and there is a nice new comment thing for you to use, I'm added a translation scrip, so you rather have this be in French, go for it. :) It's above the posts. And a new year has begun. :)

See ya later.

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