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Jan 14, 2014

Bang Bang

I have a new story. It wasn't all that planed since I just said that I wanted to finish up with 'House Boys' like a week ago. :)

But one of my adult clubs over at Deviantart (DA) had a contest with the prompt 'Sexy Cops and Robbers' and I thought 'Why not?" So I wrote something in up and had it looked over and posted in 4 days. I know. Not much time at all. But the contest was only a week long and I started when there was only 4 days left.

Anyway, what I first had in my head and what I ended up with changed maybe twice while I was writing until I got what I did. I think I got like two new followers because of it over at DA. It came out rather well if I say so myself.

One of my slightly older readers want me to continue the story. But he's thinking of it as in most of the world had gone gay so everyone is fucking with everyone kind of continuation.

I don't mind those stories, once in a while, but I try not to write those kind of stories. I'm still working under the belief that my stories are 'normal'. That there was a high chance of people being found in these situations. I try not get swept away in gay sex fantasy, but once in a while bits pop up here and there.

So he got me thinking none the less about how I could continue the story, if I was so inclined. I figured that I would make two more chapters. They would have have to tie back into the title some how and it would be nice if each one had as sex scene, but I wasn't sure it was going happen. At least not in the last chapter which I think would have had the whole thing ending on a sad note.

The idea is already starting to fade, I don't think it will happen and I half don't want it to. I have other stories waiting for me. I can't keep adding to the head of the line like this.

So here are the links to the story Bang, Bang.

Deviantart -

Scribd -

I just posted the Scribd one before writing this up, and since only my popular stories are the ones with the viewing issue, you should be able to view this just fine. Let me know if you can't.

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