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Jan 1, 2014

First Thing's First - New Posting

Hello. :)

I'm rather on time, considering my normal time line for posting anything new. :)

I ran into this story when I was looking for, slightly out there ... porn.

Two things about it. I had read it before but didn't remember the site, and two I don't think it was that out there. Perhaps it was because I had read it before.

Since I had read it before, I was struck by it's slew of mistakes and decided to beta it and post it on my Scribd account. Somewhere along the beta-ing process, I realized that if I was going to was post it on my Scribd page I could do a bit more than just correct the mistakes. Lucky me, some of the mistakes allowed me to add more detail to the story then there was before.

So this story that was less then a page and a half, without spaces for paragraphs, was turned into almost five full pages of something I think is a bit better. I even gave it new name. It was once called The Principal's Office, but I renamed it "Yellow Pieces of Paper". I didn't come with the name until I was done beta-ing it.

Since I didn't write it over from scratch, it has this odd late 1970's - early 1980's feel to it. I'm sure that the story really is that old. It also seemed to have been a slightly hetero/lesbian story before someone did a bad job of making it into a gay/bi story.

Now after all that I give you the link to the story. :)

Yellow Pieces of Paper - Scribd Link

Oh, I might not have said this in a while, but I welcome any and all feed back. I just wish that I had an easier way to get that done. I'll start looking to see what I can find since it would just be dumb to post my e-mail address here.. actually. I could spell it out for you.

j ho y elb a 77 (at) g mai l . c om

It goes without saying that you take out the spaces. I'll like to see a spider bot figure that one out. :) And it's to a new account so if I loose it, I'm ok, but I don't think I will. I'll still see if there something I attach to the blog. :)

So ask me anything or tell me anything you want there and I'll check it every few days since I don't expect that there will be a lot of you doing so. :)

Once again, enjoy the story.

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