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Nov 15, 2016

My Confusion

So, for a while now, I thought that this was one of my stories in the set of "Awaken", but I was wrong.

It had the age gap that most of those stories had. Granted, the 'boy' here is like 20, but still a 10-year gap easy. It also had an element of sleeping that most of the stories have also.

So why isn't it in the set with the others? It's too short? Maybe. I may now include it, but I will have to check up on this collection first. See how long each story is. See what elements I want all, if not most, of them to have. And of course read them through looking for errors.

If it's possible to put "After Work" in the line up I might do that. I might even expand on it since I feel like it's on the short side. I just read it over and it reminded me that I had it mentally slated for more work. :) 

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