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Nov 14, 2016

Just A Few Things

There seems to be a list this time around.

1. Firstly, I want it known that my stories are fantasies. I will never expect or condone or wish for some of these ... stories to be played out in real life. The reason I'm bringing this up is because I just watched a documentary and it made me wonder about actual sexual victims. No one, never mind a child, should be in a sexual relationship they don't want to be or should not be in to begin with.

I expect most of my readers to be able to know the difference between fantasy and reality, but for those of you who are seeing grey, let me spell it out for you. Children do not have sex. They should not be exposed to it before they are mentally and physically ready which is around 16-18 and for sure not talked into it by anyone, family or not, that should know better. Even if they come to you, you shut them down. It does not happen. They have the rest of their lives to have sex with someone that they care about. They do not need this in their heads when they have other things in their lives. Finding things out here and there on their own is fine. If they ask you about the birds and bees fine. If they ask how a baby is mind fine. Be proud that they asked you for such information. Do it above board. This is not when you demonstrate petting.

Children are off limits. That is why we have fantasies. Think whatever you want. Read whatever you want. But you don't physically go there. You keep the line. Stay away from the movies and photos. If you watch them, you are as bad as the ones that put them in that situation. They do not have the mental ability to cope with many things, not to mention this, properly. Some adults can't.

2. This is related to the above in the other direction. I was checking my friends website that I seem to manage. I saw that one of her visitors came from here. Yea! Great. So I checked it out and then check out other things and saw that some of my tumblr very short stories, were missing some tags, but one in particular. Incest. BTW, if they are both adults and freely consent to being part of this, I have no issues and neither should the law. Anyway, I started to label them as such, then I realized that I gave all my tumblr things the same set of tags and I started to wonder if I should change all of them, or leave them as. But I realized that would make it look like I don't have somethings or when a search is done, they won't see all. So in the next few days I will be fixing those tags and changing the date slightly, so they won't be stuck to each other. I'm seeing them stuck together and it's bugging me. I posted a bunch around the same time and they seem to now share this time group thing. :shrug:

3. The relations continue. When I was looking over the tumblr posts I realize that I haven't posted any of the new ones. Granted the first set has a link to the page on my tumblr that is being updated with links to the new ones, but unless you know, you would just think that I don't have any more. So be on the look out for new tumblr blip stories. I won't post all since some are too short to bother posting them here. But off the top of my head, I can think of two that will be copied here.

4. ... Actually, I think I'll end it here. I'll post the rest in a different post or two. Since this one seemed to have things connected in it and I feel like leaving it at that.

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