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Jul 31, 2016

Updated and Reposted

Hey. I wasn't planning on updating this story, but hey. I made it around to yesterday and started to post Ian and Carl there. 
I then wondered what stories there I needed to update. They have it set up that when I added Ian and Carl, I was in the section for only my original stories. 
I started to read over Child's Play, and it was going rather well until I hit page two. So I decided to read it over and fix it up and repost it since it only had three short chapters.
I didn't remember exactly how I ended it, so I was a bit surprised at how I did. So I after fixing up the first two and reading over the third, I spent some time adding on to the last chapter. It was missing details, so that is what I gave it. I hope it doesn't sound too out of place. 
Of course, I can tell where I added in the pieces, but I also know that my writing isn't how it was when I first wrote this. So some other people, who have read my other stories may also be able to see the difference, but I hope it's not too much of a sharp contrast between the two. 
So here you go, a link to the Scribd version. 
Speaking of Scribd, they are starting to get pushy for me to join up. So I may be looking for a new place to post my PDF copies soon. 
If you know of somewhere, please share. :) 

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