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Jul 8, 2016

I Actually Forgot

It occurred to me the other day that I posted notices on two other sites about what I've been up to with my writing and completely forgot about writing up anything here. I'm a little surprised at how old my last post is too.

Now, let's see. All the way back in January, I told you something of a story I had started on and was working on a draft for. It was and is called 'The Queens'.

What has changed is that it is officially three books now. They will be subtitled : Growth, Struggle, and Rebirth, in that order.

I'm almost done with the loose draft for all three. It's currently 17 pages long. In fact, I finished the last two before I finished the first one. It seems to be harder to write for some reason. Once that is done I'll move into a more detailed draft of each book in its own file. From there I'll be actually writing the books.

I told one of my sites that I don't know when I'll post the first book. I hope to just end one book and then start up the next one. I may post when I'm half-way through the second one. That sounds most likely.

I've worked on it as recently as a day ago. This first draft is suppose to be the second easiest of the three stages. I feel that the actual writing of the book shouldn't be that hard since I've flushed out each turn that I'm suppose to take. There shouldn't be any writers block at this time. The first draft is suppose to be light touching on what I want to happen in the books so I don't have to worry about every detail. I just need to get the story from point A to point B in a way I'm happy with.

I think the hardest part will be the second draft. Here is where I work everything else out. I'm aware of all the research that I need to do and now I have to do them. During all this I may find out that I can't do some things the way I want and I will have to edit the draft and track down all the things that the change would affect.

I dread that part the most. My head spins at the research I will have to do to bring my world to life. Oh, didn't I say? I'm building a new world for these stories. I have two races on this planet. They came from one species, but they have branched off slightly. One race is mostly vegan, and the other eats more meat. So that over the years and what their base species is, had them looking physically different just a little. They even mostly live in separate cities. There is nothing against them mingling, but they honestly like being separate mostly.

We are not swimming in tech. We are very earth-bound. They have kings and queens. Clearly. Yes, sex is all over this and with three books, there will a lot of it.

What else can I say that won't be considered a spoiler? No, can't think of anything. I do have a downer of a fact for you though. I don't see myself even finishing the first book before Christmas. So you may not see anything of these stories, other than updates, for a whole year at least.

Now, to let the world know that I'm not dead, now or during that time, I've been correcting 'House Boys' and reposted it along with 'Daddies Acceptance' to Scribd and DA. I've added 'The End' to WattPad. That was a very, very sort thing of a fanfic from Death Note that I made ages ago.

I've also corrected what I posted of 'Ian and Carl' over there and in my files. I gave it a cover that I of course made myself. Then a day or so later I added a second chapter/story. I read it over at least twice. I'll post the link in the next post.

I'm thinking of working on the next part this weekend before or after I give some time to the draft for 'The Queens'. I'm also thinking of posting the other bit that I have for Death Note and my last Harry Potter story that is almost too must for me and I wrote it. I haven't touched 'Luna's Faries' in ages. When I do edit it, I'll have to update the version I have over at Scribd. This will never be posted on DA but I think I do have it posted over at AFF. That will be updated too. If I don't have any comments there, I may risk my read count and repost it as a new story just to get eyes on it.

And there you go. That is about everything I've been doing story wise since the last update.

Sorry again for taking so long to come back here. I'll try and do better. I'll be sure to post excerpts when I have a story to take some from. :)

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