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Jul 22, 2016

Small little updates


I'm working on keeping you informed.

I got Adobe Acrobat DC to help me do one thing, but it seems like it can't do what I want either. Disappointing. But it does give me the chance to make bookmarks again in my chapter stories.

I had received a star on the last chapter of my story 'The Gift' and for some reason, I went to look at it. I read down about a page when I saw an error. That lead me into reading over the whole thing and fixing all errors that I could find with the help of Grammarly my new error checker. Mostly.

I still read it over and catch what I can on my own and then the program shows me what I miss and I learn. Bit by slow bit. But yesterday I found out that it can miss a few things for odd little reasons. So it's not fool proof. Unforntiatnly.

Either which way. I think it was just that one page and it caught them later when I updated the copy I have on WattPad. That is how I knew it missed them the first time. I have it built into my Chrome browser.

Any which way. I corrected the document, merged all the parts together in Acrobat, then made bookmarks. So now I'm very happy with it and I've updated the copies that can be found on Scribd and DA. And WattPad, but no pdf there. :shrug:

Then tonight I realized that I should do it for my other longer stories that I've spent the last year updating while I still have the free trial for another 25 days. So I did 'Daddy's Acceptance' tonight/this morning and now the new improved copy is out in the world. Now I have two left to do. 'Together' and 'House Boys', then I can end it with them and get back to working on 'The Queens'.

I haven't been pushing it off into a corner either. I've added pages to the draft since the last time I posted here. I've just never done a mystery before and I think that is why I'm slightly stuck again. I also know what I'm writing up too many details for this first loose draft, but I guess that just means that part will have less work for me when I get back around to it again during the next draft and the actual writing of the story.

But I'll try and make myself write something this weekend. I just saw a couple that I'm building up now, lasting into the next book. So at least I have that, but what about now?

What About Now??!?!?

You can't help me. ..... ..

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