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Jul 31, 2016

Ian and Carl... Part 3

I talked about adding the Ian and Carl Collection the, but I also wrote and posted a third short story to the collection of Ian and Carl.

I have it posted at DA and WattPad.

I can't get you a visual link, like the one above, to the copy on DA. But if you don't have an account there, you can't see it anyway since it's labeled mature. But if you do have an account over there, just look up my profile. jemgirl is my name over there. :)

I can't get you a link just to the third part, so a general link to the story will have to do.

In other Ian and Carl related news. I made a back cover and I am thinking of posting it over at Scribd. But since they are really pushing for me to get a paid membership when I'm looking at my own work, I'm thinking of moving. If I was puttering around the site and reading other people's work and all that I would get why they would be asking me to pay for a membership, but I'm not.

I may put off posting the 'book' until I have a fourth story in there.:) We'll see.


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