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Mar 19, 2015

A Pile of Slash

Yeah, that is just about what you might be thinking. 

Slash as in matching up the males from a tv show into couples. I don't do it all that much, dang near never actually, but it's a good name for a site that lists gay reading material. May it be books, on line stories or web comics. 

Actually, that's wrong. The site lists LGBT material. Of course I go there for the gay stuff, but that is not why I'm placing a link here, to there. On the web comic's page you will these cute little banners.I made a few of them.

Now that I've said it, I think I've told you before. I just got this odd Deja vu feeling. Odd.

Anyway, she, the girl that runs the page, is looking for people to leave recommendation about LGBT sites, books, free stories and web comics. 

I was thinking of leaving something about House Boys and aiming the link to my Scribd copy, but it felt a bit self serving. Which is odd, since I think It might be worth getting printed and sold. Or e-book-ed. I'm not that picky. :) 

Well, I've listed my reasons for posting the link and here it is again in case you can't make it down the end of the page. :) 

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