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Apr 22, 2014

Potter Fanfiction

The stories aren't new by any means, and I've only fully re-read and fixed one of them "Stars". I'm in no rush to go over "Luna's Fairies". I went somewhere with that one, that I'm not keen on visiting again. I'm most proud of "Catching You" and "Couple's Conflict", So I'll look them over first.

But this post isn't just to let you know that they exist, but to show off their new covers. I had the idea for the covers since I made "Couple's Conflict" cover. For a long time I beloved that one shots didn't need covers or deserve them because they were so short.

So I have just abandoned that notion and now giving these stories the matching covers I had already thought up for them. I do not remember what order they were created in, si the upcoming order doesn't mean anything. :)

Now, "Stars" and "Catching You" are gay/yaoi. "Couple's Conflict" is humor/sexy straight story. "Luna's Fairies" is...yuri/bi/anal and...mind control. I say that, but you won't get it until you read the story.

Let me know what you think, or ask me any questions that you would like an answer to.

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