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Apr 10, 2014

AFF Stuff

Nothing much.

Still updating the re-edited version of 'Together'. I haven't gotten any reviews/comments yet, but I have less than 400 views so far.

I know that sounds like a lot, and if this was DA I would be dancing on the celling if I got that much, but it's a bit different over at AFF. Also with the story not being about just one couple I'm asking a lot for people who are picky about their couples. I have it posted in the Inuyasha and Miroku section and it one of only 72 such themed stories on the site.

So just those people would come looking for the story, then when they get there, they see that Kagome is there also. I found out that Kagome isn't that liked when I first posted the story over at FF. I can see some reasons for her not being the fav of this world, but for some of the bashings some writers put her through, it is just uncalled for.

Anyway, I can't really place it in the Kagome/Sess section because of his brother and Miroku and it being their story at the heart of it all. They, as in the Kag/Sess readers, didn't ask to read about a gay couple, and you know me. They would have gotten more than an eye full.

This is a problem that I'm going to run into with the other two books. I'm going to try to keep tabs on everyone in all the stories, but one person/reader pointed out that they seem to be drifting apart in this first book. I can't really help that. Other than hunting down the jewels, they have different interests and lives. The only reason they banded together, was to get rid of Naroku.

Considering Sango is going to be mated with Kouga, she can't live next door to Kagome and Inuyasha. Now those two will still be interacting with each other now that they will be living together. So they will cross paths a lot in the last book, I'm pretty sure.

I've gone way off track. I was suppose to be talking about AFF.

So yesterday I updated my profile. The actual page you get when you click on edit button is a bit odd and limited. It has set slots for specific sites and information. One of them was malfunctioning so I had to move a link from blog to personal website. It looks more filled out now, but I'm thinking of changing this photo that shows up there. It's suppose to be your av (avatar) but I don't see where in AFF it's even used. *shrug*

Oh, I'm also thinking of posting "Nine to Five" over there. As far as I can see, you can post anything there. so that and another little 'story' that I posted on my Tumblr account I'm think of posting there.

Yeah, that story... I'll talk about it next.

So I'm getting to be a bit active over at AFF these days. Every four days or so, I go over and post 5 more chapters of 'Together'. I'm up to chapter 30 I think. So about 4 more updates, then I'm done with that. I'm not sure if I'll post "House Boys" over there when it's done. I think I'll give it to GoodReads.

I think I might, might, post these little, taboo stories over on Scribd. At least I'll have fun making the covers. :D

Ok, I think that's it for this. :)

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