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Apr 9, 2014

Nine To Five : Not Quite An Office Romance - Full story

Here is a, treat? for you. I came across this story the other day and decided to work on it a little. I relearned about how I used to write all those years ago. 

All in all it's not bad, a bit odd with ti's plot, and if you are use to my stories, you will know it's not all my style, but back then, I use to try out different ideas in shorter stories. So enjoy.

This is the story of sexual harassment going right.

This is a fantasy. Nothing more than a story that isn't based on anyone I know.

I own this story so if you want to use it or repost it, ask me first. 

Nine To Five: Not Quite An Office Romance

Act I

"I'm tired of you playing with me," I told Russell as I locked his door behind me. "Isn't 7 o'clock a wonderful hour?" I asked as I kicked off my heels.

"What are you doing here?" he asked as I came closer.

"I came back for a disk and saw that you were still here. So I decided to tell you that I don't like being played with."

"What do you mean, being played with? If you're talking about that raise that you were promised it's coming. I swear."

"Oh, you swear?"

"Yes I do."

"Well that is good to know. It wouldn't have been worth all my effort if you didn't," I told him. Russell nods his head in agreement, then stops to stare at me as I pull the belt from around my waist. I then took off my skirt before reaching for the buttons on my shirt.

"When I said being played with I was talking about what you have being doing to me for the past week. Oh, you don't remember the copying room?” I asked as he looked bewildered. “I was finishing up when you came in and I told you that I would be done in a minute, but you did not want to wait that little minute.” By now I was braless and was walking around the side of his desk. Russell just nodded his head and swallowed as he watched me. I walked towards him in my sheer thigh highs and brown thong. If I knew things would have worked out like this when I was getting dressed this morning, I would have worn my red one.

"You trapped me between your body and the copier before pressing into my body. You didn't say one word to me the whole time. Your hands and arms kept brushing by my breasts as you just made your copies and then you just left. Did you know that the last imprint of you that I felt fading from my body was your cock? It felt ... impressive," I complimented Russell as I knelt down in front of him and started to unbuckle his pants.

"Do you remember this morning Russell? But of course you do. You smiled at me when we were in the elevator. You told me not to move as the only other person in there got off at on the third floor. My nipples got instantly hard as I remembered what happened a few days ago. You then placed your hand on my ass as you stepped behind me to pull up my skirt. You garbed my ass cheeks and squeezed to your heart's content. You even slipped your fingers between my legs to rub my cunt and when you were done you pulled my skirt back down. Thank you, that was very considerate." I told him as I now played with his cock.

"You're welcome," he said after swallowing twice. I continued to stroke his cock as it grew bigger and harder. It was taking longer than I expected it would, to reach it's full size.

"Do you want me to suck you?" I asked Russell. He didn't answer. "If you do, you will have to ask," I said as I looked up into his face. He licked his lips but did not ask. I took one of my nails and ran it up the length of his cock, over the top, where I heard a sharp intake of breath, and down the other side until I go to his balls. I looked into Russell's face again but he still didn't say anything. So I let him go completely and started to get up when I head his breath hitch in his throat.

"Please," he just barely whispered. I bent over his cock and blew on it.

"Please what?" I asked him with a satisfied grin on my face.

"Please suck me," he replied. I took him in a little at a time, licking as I went.

"Ohh!...Fuck!" I kissed my way around his penis before I lick out the hole at the top. Slowly I sucked him into my mouth before slipping up off of him again. At first I would pause before coming up so I could hear him as he gasped or the sharp intake of his breath, he would make as my lips reached the base of his cock. His hands, that were on the back of my shoulders, dug into my skin harder. I knew that I had him where I wanted him now. "Suck me bitch, suck me," he begged. I started to go faster and held on to his hips as I pushed and pulled my lips and tongue repeatedly over his firm cock. “Fucking god yes!” he started to shout out as he came closer to his breaking point. Then I stopped and pulled my mouth off of him completely. I watched his face as I waited for him to level out.

"Ohh, that was good," I said as I started to stand up. It really had been. My clit was buzzing and my pussy ached. One touch from me in five minutes to two hours from now and I'll be racked with a scream worthy orgasm. I watch as Russell opens his eyes and looks at me in complete shock.

"Aren't you going to finish me?" he asks.

"You didn't ask me to make you come. You just asked me to suck you, and I did," I explained as I  now stood over him smiling. As his eyes closed in disbelief, I went back down on him. I felt his whole body tense, and soon I had him shuddering. I wasn't going to be swallowing his spunk so when he came I pulled off his cock as the first jet hit some part of my mouth. He was soon spraying his cum all over my face and the upper part of my chest. While he sat there recovering, I stood and looked through his draws until found a box of tissues. I cleaned myself up and got dressed. As I unlocked his office door I felt my own cum as it moved past my underwear. I had less than two hours now. Any longer getting home and there would be dildo play involved.

Act II

I walked into work the next day and could not stop myself from looking into his office. He was there, but then again I was ten minutes late like usual. Somehow for the whole day we were able to barely talk to each other. We have gone days where we hardly spoke to one another, but of course, this one would stand out.

Around lunchtime when the office was half-empty, I took some papers to the coping room. I had picked that time, knowing that it was my best chance to get it done without having to stand in some kind of a line for my turn at the machine. The radio was on and playing some soft music when I entered the room. I was on my eighth page when Russell walked in. He may have had the same idea, or he was there for something else entirely. I had wanted him to follow me in, but I knew just thinking it wouldn't make it happen.

"What took you so long?" I decided to ask him before turning back to watch what I was doing. He was just standing there looking at me. I would like to think he was looking at me.

"I have been thinking of what you said," he said from his place in the room.

"Oh? What did I say?" I asked him. I heard his foot steps as he came closer.

"That you did not like being teased," he answered.

"What of it?" I asked in return as I did my eleventh copy.

"I realized that I do like to tease you," he said. I was actually trying to concentrate on copying the files, so he succeeded in catching me off guard when I felt his hand on my ass.

"What are you doing?" I asked him.

"I told you. Teasing," he answered.

"Don't," I told him. I felt his hand as it grasped the end of my skirt and pulled it up. He warped his  hand around my waist and pulled me away from the machine.

"No. Don't," I kept telling him, but he lifted my skirt and bunched it up around my waist, all the way around. I felt his fingers as they started to grate down my skin looking for my panty. He did it twice before he realized that I wasn't wearing any.

"What? No underwear today Sharon?" he asked. I don't feel like explaining why I didn't have any on. His hand around my waist loosened before he pushed me back up to copier. I felt my legs and ass exposed to him and the room. "Nice piece of ass you have there. I couldn't see it that well last night, but now."


"AH! You hit me!" I shouted and screamed. "Let go of me," I told him again. He wrapped his hand around my waist again and pulled me backwards against his body. His other hand came forward and grabbed my pussy. He just cupped all of it.

"Last night I let you get away with what you did to me because I was too surprised by what you were doing, but today you will not be that lucky. I am your boss and you will do what I tell you and what I want you to do." His hand started to knead me. Mound, clit, and lips. All at once.

"Stop this," I told him again.

"No," he said and he kneaded me harder. He pulled me back into him with that hand and I could feel his cock as it strained against his pants and my ass cheek. He started to let go of me, and I thought that he was done, but he turned me around and held my shoulders instead.

"Undo my pants," he told me.

"No," I told him.

"DO IT!" he shouted at me. My hands reached out and I undid the button at his waist then I started to unzip his pants. When the zipper would not go any further I started to pull my hands back. One of his hands reached down to stop me.

"Don't you want to touch it?" he asked me. "You didn't seem to mind touching me last night." Russell pulled my hand closer to his body. He placed it at his waist and slid it down his skin into his open pants. His eyes were closed as he pushed my hand inside his boxers. When my fingers touched his cock it jerked and he gasped. He carried my hand further until the tips of my fingers were touching the tip of his cock.

A low, steady, exhale of breath came from his lips as he glided my hand down his cock again. My other hand reached up and started to undo his tie. He felt my fingers on him and opened his eyes. He looked at me as my face came closer to his and then bend to kiss his neck. This is when I realized that he had already taken off his jacket. I slowly started to turn him around as I was trying to go to the door. My fingers were going up and down his shaft still as I started to back away from him. My fingers came slowly to his base and slowly I get go. I started to back away from him but I knew that I would not get away as I turned towards the door, and as he grabbed me.

"Where do you think you're going?" he asks me as he held on to my hand tighter. He threw me against the wall next to the door. Russell then shook his head as he looked at me. He came over and kissed me. His hands were on my ass as he dug his fingers in and pulled me to him. My hands reached up and around his head as I held and kissed him back.

"Mmm Russell,” I moaned. His hand came up and held my breast. He squeezed and pulled on my nipple and I just arched into him. I knew that he was not teasing now. He was going to carry me all the way.



I held the back of his head in my hands as we kissed, and clapped my legs together as his finger..

"Ahhhh." I gasped across his lips. He started to kiss his way down my chest, through the parted folds of my shirt. Down to my belly, were he lifted my shirt to stick his tongue in my navel. I sucked in my gut as the sensation.


He was rubbing his hands from the back of my knees, to as far up on my ass as he wanted. His lips skipped over my skirt, and his tongue licked its way down into the patch of hair that covered my pussy. When he got to the very tip of the beginning, of the crack that would lead him into me, and I closed my eyes. His hands pulled my legs further apart. I tried to entwine my fingers into his hair that wasn't really that long.


My eyes were shocked opened, and just as they closed, I recognized his jacket laying across the copier. "OOhhhh..."His tongue was flicking back and forth over my clit sending spiral shock waves through me. "OOHhhh,..OOohhhh.."

I so wanted to close my legs in on him and keep him there.

"AHHH!" He stuck his tongue up my engorged vagina. My senses reeled. I closed my legs on him then, and at the same time, my hands pushed his face in deeper. I smelt myself it was so strong..."AAHh!". I pushed my back up against the wall. He just followed me, making me push back against the wall even more.

"AH! Ah..ah.Ah..ah.ah.." I was getting close now and started to push back with my hips. It wasn't something that I thought of doing. It was something that my body had to do. "Ah...ah..ah...ah..ah..ah..ah..ah ..ah.ah.ah.ah.aha.ah." I held on tighter to him. His fingers dug deeper into my flesh.


He bit me.


He sucked my clit into his mouth and licked it back and forth with the tip of his tongue over and over again. I couldn't hold out much longer. I started to move my hips a little faster. He changed his hold on me as he tried to keep me still. I heard the wetness in me as my walls came together and opened, as his tongue licked, and his lips sucked.

"ah.ah.ah.ah.ah.ah.ahhha..ahahah.. hahaha.ahahahahah..Ahahhh..AHAHh..."

My legs were starting to give out.


I held on hard as I "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH..............."

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