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Jun 17, 2012

Hello Are You There?

This is not a new story, but I cleaned it up again when someone read and faved it over on DA. So I fixed a few mistakes, and made a pdf and then put on a cover.

I was thinking that I shouldn't put covers on my one shot stories, but it's so much fun. :D


"I don't know if we should be doing this," I told you as you started to turn me towards your bed. My hand started to move its way to under your shirt. My mind was not sure, but it was clear what other parts of me had in mind. My hands moved around and over your waist. My hands didn't go higher, but lower. My fingers tucked their way under your waist band. I felt the elastic rim of your briefs, and eased in between it and your skin. You pulled me closer as we kissed deeper. My hands moved to your back where they just moved up and down on your lower back and the upper part of your ass. I moaned into your mouth as you squeezed harder on my butt.

The phone started to ring as the back of my knees hit the side of your bed. It rang again as you started to lean me down unto the top of the bed. Your body was settling down unto mine, our groves were fitting to each others, and my head was being pressed into the bed by our kiss as the phone rang again. My hand started to go up your back under your shirt as it rang for the third time.

"I should get that," I told you.

"Why?" you asked as you started to kiss me again.


So here are the links to the whole story.

Note, this story is not a gay/yaoi story.

Hello (Are You There?) - Deviantart - Scribd

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