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Jun 3, 2012

Links For Henti Manga - updated.

Cover 6

Yeah, I moved it. I realized that it shouldn't have been here. So I moved over to my other blog. The kind that comes with dim lights and a naked girl walking around trying to sell you scented lube. :)

Either way. I realize that I haven't touched this page in a while so I'm going to start looking for more, before They really can't be found at all. If you have been here before and decided to check back to see if I added anything, I'm sorry to say that I haven't yet, but you would have noticed that some of these mangas that I do have are old and kinda hard to find. One or three were ones that I liked and had to find the ending too.

If you have some on your hard drive and you are willing to share them with me, send me an e-mail with them or link to them and I'll move them to my own hosting unless you say that you want to keep with you.

Now I have to go look up summeries for the ones I currently have like I promise years ago. It's so said that I'm counting things in years now.

Well thank you for reading this, or just coming back here at all. :) Enjoy the stories and btw, the link will take you away from this page. 

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