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Jun 2, 2017

... I felt like writing something... {Age gap/Gay}

[ I have a number of short stories over at Tumblr. So short, I don't really like to call them stories. I even labeled some of them blips in the tags. But I promised I would share, so I'm going to pick the longest ones to re-post here. And maybe one or two that I really liked that aren't so long.]

[The photo I got this story from can be found at the link below along with the Tumblr post I'm copying this from.]

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“I used to have a very dominant boyfriend, he would get home from work and I would already be naked for him... he loved it when I would call him daddy and would tell me what a good boy I was every time we finished having sex. The worst part is... he was my best friends dad and no one except me and him knew about it. He’s married"
I think this one needs to be picked apart, or added to, a bit.
I haven’t been able to forget the first time I laid eyes on my last boyfriend for the first time. When we were together, it was comforting and perhaps I remember it so well now because I pulled it to the front of my mind so often when we were together.
I walked into my room to find him talking to John, my roommate this year. Last year I was paired with a senior, and this year I got a freshman. Despite a three-year gap, we became fast friends John and me. 
“Oh, sorry,” I said before I started to back out. I really should have knocked I realized as I started to back out. I looked at them as gave an apologetic smile as I moved backwards. 
“Don’t bother, I was just leaving,” were the first words he said to me. I gave him my full attention as he moved in my direction. He was tall and my kind of good looking. He was smiling and somehow I knew this was important. He was important. 
After seemingly by chance meetings and moments of contact via the land line in my dorm room, we exchanged cell phone numbers and once we both confessed to having some kind of an attraction to each other, we set up our first date. We met at Applebee's on what turned out to be a very busy night so we sat the bar the entire time. When we became brave enough to talk about something other than John, it became a fun and informative date. 
I didn’t have a car at the time and took the bus to met with him. So as he started to walk towards his car I explained that my bus stop was in the other direction. It was a notion that he quickly dismissed as he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards his car. I looked around to see if anyone was nearby, never mind looking at us, as I put up no resistance as he pulled me forward. When we got to his car, he leaned against it and pulled me against his body. My hands went out and braced myself against the car to keep myself from crashing too hard into him. We just looked at each other as we both waited for the other person to make the first move or end, if not put off, what was likely to happen next. 
His 3 inches of height on me had me breathing in the mix of Heineken, Winterfell and the last of the onion rings he ate before we left. One of his hands was rubbing my back as if he was telling me to hurry up and do something. So I did. I leaned forward as I pulled a fist full of his hair and his head down to mine. My lips burned from the prolonged pressure as we stood there kissing and grinding until a car passing by honked a few times. By the time we pulled apart, the car was gone and I knew the feeling of having puffy lips.
I’m now living in my own place. I moved out at the end of my junior year and into this apartment with Todd’s help. There were many reasons behind my move, but everyone could be forgiven for just coming up with one or two of them. It wasn’t really ‘my apartment’ for the first two years I lived here. This was our apartment. Our home. Todd and I. He didn’t come home to me every night, but he wasn’t gone long enough for me to be concerned about him. I knew he had another life, and we were always in contact with text and calls. 
When our times lined up, after a few days of sending what our weeks looked liked with work, school, and obligations to each other, I knew when he would be staying and for how long. This is when my mental prep for him began. Of course, I cleaned the apartment if it needed it and shopped for food to feed two people instead of one. 
I learned his sexual ticks gradually before I moved out of the dorm. By the time we were living together, we both knew what to expect from each other. What we needed the other to do. 
I would be naked, prepared and waiting for him to walk through the front door for the first time we meet again after a while. He would crave having me call him Daddy as he sank his cock into me repeatedly. The first time, the second time, the next and up until the last. Once I was able to wrap my brain around it, It also became a turn on for me. I only moaned, yelled and whispered that word during sex. He would answer me back with ‘Good Boy’ when we climaxed and resting in each other’s arms no matter where we did it. The living room floor, out bed, the couch, the stairwell of the apartment building. That earned me looks from a few other tenants for a week at least. 
We lived our life happily with few problems for the next 3 years. John and Todd came to my graduation. They and about 8 of my other friends threw me a party when I was officially hired by the company I was interning at for my last year of college. We, Todd and I, even attended John’s graduation with his mother. 
That was one of our problems. In fact, this might have been when the problems for us started. I had to stand next to my boyfriend as he stood next to his wife as they cheered this son graduating from college.

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Sorry, no pic for this post. I just saw a gay confession and ran with it. But here is the link anyway.

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