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Feb 13, 2015

Bus Ride {incest/petting/in public}

[ I have a number of short stories over at Tumblr. So short, I don't really like to call them stories. I even labeled them blips in some of the tags. But I promised I would share, so I'm going to pick the longest ones to re post here. And maybe one or two that I really liked that aren't so long.]

[The photo I got this story from can be found at the link below along with the Tumblr post I'm copying this from.]
There was a short story already attached to it and it gave me an idea, so I deleted that one and added my own.


I was standing outside looking at my phone when I heard a noise and looked up to see my little sister running at me. We hugged and I held her close as I walked her to the bus stop.

I didn’t have a car, but it didn’t matter since we lived on the bus route that passed her school. She told me about her classes and things that went on that weren’t part of her schooling. I smiled as I tried to keep the names of her friends straight in my head. I had been hearing about them for over a week now, so it wasn’t as hard as the first day.

Once again there was only standing room and we worked our way into a corner where she could stand with her back against something of a wall. I didn’t even look around to see if anyone was looking at us. I didn’t care if they did. We could pass for a teenage couple and I wasn’t going to tell them that we weren’t because we were. She was mine and the pride of knowing that eclipsed everything I was feeling. Lust was growing in my balls as I grabbed her ass.

My hand was under her skirt as I palmed her left ass cheek. She leaned into me a bit more and I knew that she wanted me to finger her to an orgasm. I had done it before when all I wanted was to tease her a bit more than I had been doing until that day.

We were close to the engine, perhaps the air conditioner. Most of her muffed moans weren’t heard, but one or two got loose and the guy next to us looked in our direction a few times. I didn’t look at his face, but I knew Kathleen did. I watched her face the whole time. When she wasn’t moaning into my shirt, she turned to look at him as I continued to rub her pussy and clit until she came.

I kept my head down at first to look ordinary, but I ended up watching his cock instead. He wanted my sister. He wanted to fuck her. Each time we both heard her moan the budge in his pants looked a bit bigger. A bit tighter. I understood the feeling and the situation. That is why I wore baggy jeans whenever I’m around her.

My hand had drifted towards the crack of her ass as I remembered that day. I changed directions and inched down to her pussy. As I thought of it, I knew I would find her wet when I got there. Now I’m thinking of seeing how far I could get my girl before we got home.

My girl. My sister. My girlfriend. My lover. Mine.

“AH!” she screeched and a few, if not most of the bus turned to look at her. She then pushed back on my fingers that I had accidentally rammed into her and I couldn’t wait to fuck her when we got home.


Tumblr Post With Photo


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