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Feb 8, 2015

Another Cover

I felt like making a cover for my story 'Snow Days' so I did. Then when I was ready to save it, I realized that I already made one that I never got around to attaching. So I had to pick. Which one to use. I choose to use the newest one.

Then I read over the story. It wasn't that hard to do since it just over 4 pages long. I then tried out a new pdf mering software. I didn't like it. It worked, but I still didn't like it.

So I have for you a pdf link/embed to the copy over at Scribd. You get to see the new cover and get to read the story, perhaps for the first time, along with the small improvements.

Personally, I don't think anyone who has read it would notice them. But it doesn't hurt to fix small things. :)

Oh, if you don't see a cover, then you got early and Scribd hasn't updated it yet. Sometimes it takes them a while to show the revised file.


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