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Jan 2, 2015

House Boys - The Book

I have been told that I need to intro my books more. So here I go.


This story revolves around two core characters. Edward Webb, a well to-do and slightly upscale gay escort/prostitute and David Harris an architecture college student that is looking for work. We then meet Alfred Stroker who placed the add that David answers. This causes some confusion for Edward who has never seen him before and now in a context that doesn't sit well with him.

In the middle of this mess we have friends on both sides and a Mr. Luke Greene. A long time player that now get's his chance.

This is a homo-erotic love story and is very much 18+. Enjoy.


I ended up posting the whole story today instead of just the last chapter. Yeah, I had all that time on my hands, and I found some software that made it just a little bit easier.

It has all the chapters that I posted so far plus one more. I was suppose to post the last chapter today, but then why would you get the book later for? So read the whole thing in one place and get the last chapter to close off this story.

There is a table of contents that actually works. And bookmarks along with a front and back over.

Oh, I have a few blank pages in there in case you download it and want a printed copy.

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