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Mar 3, 2012

House Boys? Maybe

I have this new story. It's very WIP (work in progress). I learned that over at AdultFanfiction. :)

Either way. this story of mine wants to have two names. I posted it under the name "My First Crag's List Job", yet on my computer it's under the name "House Boy". As if that wasn't enough, since it's a work in progress, and I just about never have a draft of a story line, I introduced something that if I decide to follow it, will cause the name to be changed to 'House Boys'.

I'm up to chapter 8 now. I posted that back on Feb 28, and I haven't written a syllable of chapter 9 yet. Before I was doing a whole chapter in about 4-6 days.

Any way, feel free to let me know where I should be looking to pick up the next chapter at.

I'll post the first chapter here and in the summery there will be a link to the next chapter. Oh, I just remembered. If you don't have DA account, you may have some issues with seeing the chapters since they have filters on them marking them as adult and if they can't tell how old you are, they are blocked.

So I'll try and get Scribd links for past chapters. Sorry, I just remembered that. Maybe the download link on the page will work for you.

My First Crag's List Job AKA House Boys

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