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Mar 3, 2012


I now have now posted my pdf book versions of "Together" my Inuyasha story and of "Daddy's Acceptance".

Yeah, I'm late. I somehow forgot about Inuyasha them. I think I was more concerned about posting the chapters than getting the story all together with cover until I remembered last month. Daddy's Acceptance was a bit easier. I was waiting for a cover from a friend over at DA but it got set back and I just decided to wait. But then I got a new reader for that story and she came across a photo and asked if they didn't look like Alex and Eddi to me. Granted I wanted Eddi to be shorter, but it was great photo. It showed a difference in size that I made clear through out the story.

So I asked the owner for permission, and got it a few hours later. I then went to work on it and they of course read the story. Well he read the first chapter and still liked it. I hope he continues to read it considering how much he seemed to have liked it and if anyone could like the first chapter, the rest of the book would be a treat.

Currently I only have both pdf's on DA, so those are the links I'll be giving you. I'll work on posting it over at Scribed after this week coming is over. - Together - Daddy's Acceptance

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