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Jul 10, 2010

My Home

Here is one that isn't as new, but it's less than a year old.

It also has the same deal as the last story. Posted on DA (Deviantart) and a DA account is needed to read each chapter by itself.

I have far less chapters but they are a little longer.

Slight warning. This is a bi-gay story.



Chapter 1 - Work

"Carman, I couldn't find those veggie chips that you said Louis likes. Are you sure of the brand you told me?" I asked as I dropped my keys into the wicker basket that my wife kept by the front door.

"What are you looking for?" she asked from the kitchen. I walked down the hall with what I had bought from the store. I turned left into the kitchen area and placed the bags on the long counter top.

"Let's see," I said as I pulled out the paper from my pocket. "I think it was 'Demas'," I said before actually seeing it. "Dantai's," I corrected myself. "It says Dantai's here, but I couldn't find it at the store," I said as I held it out for her to look at, which was going to take awhile since she was stirring a pot that currently had her attention. She placed some green things in as she continued to stir. It could have been rosemary for all I knew or cared at that point.

"I'm going to take a bath," I told her as I took off my tie. "Tell Louis that I'm sorry about the chips if he arrives while I'm in the shower," I said as I stood there with my tie in hand. I waited for her to say something, but she just tasted another pot and kept her back to me. I shook my head and walked to the other side of the kitchen and up the stair to our bedroom and master bath.

It had been a long day at work and then I had to shop with every other person who just finished work and really didn't want to be packed in a store looking for dinner either. I got bumped out of line before I even made it to the cashier by people cutting me off and one old lady that didn't feel that old when she pushed me in the toilet paper isle. I started to strip in front of the bed and sat to take off my shoes and socks before standing to pull down my trousers and boxers. I walked over to the radio in the bathroom and turned it on before stepping into the shower. I wasn't able to leave work until six-thirty and I haven't a clue when I was able to leave the supermarket, but the DJ just said that it was eight-fifteen. I took longer than I thought.

I let the water fall onto my head and slid down the rest of my body as the radio played it's eighties at eight play list. I heard part of Cindy Lauper's 'She Bop' as I searched for my shampoo among Carman's bottles and things she had on the shower shelf. I found the black bottle and poured a good amount into my hand before using the wall to snap it close. I closed my eyes as I started to rub it into my hair and the smell of what they call mountain spring, entered my lungs.

I left the lather in my hair as I washed my face so I could see where my body soap was. I turned off the water and the music come in clearer with Huey Lewis singing 'Got to Get Back in Time' as I now reached for the tall red bottle. I scrubbed under my arms with my fingers, after spreading some of the soap over my chest and arms. I squeezed a bit more out and moved it over my limp cock and balls before back to my lower back and lower to the crack of my ass and even my asshole. For the last time I filled my hands with the soap before putting it away. I moved down each leg and pressed back against the wall to clean out between my toes. With soapy hands I reached out and turned back on the water. I bent my head under the warm water and turned the back of my scalp into it and stood there for a while before working my fingers into my hair to wash it free of my shampoo and conditioner combo. My hands then moved lower down over my body pushing the soap down with them.


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