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Jul 10, 2010

Love's Love

I have a brand spanking new story for you.

As I wrote it I posted it up over at Deviantart. So if you have account you can look for me there under the the name Jemgirl. :)

Well I have two ways for you to see this story. I have a download link for you and I have a page for each chapter. First I'll give you the start of the story and then you can pick how you want to read the rest of the story. :)

I just realized that you will need to have a DA account to read the chapters, so unless you do, you will have to download it one time.

Now the chapters aren't that long. Really. None are over 3 pages.


This is a BL (boy love) story

Chapter 1


I knew that everybody was going to start laughing at my name behind my back, but I couldn't help that my stupid Swedish parents were forced by my grand parents to choose a stupid Swedish name. It makes you wonder if they knew any English back then.

The name Love was actually pretty popular in Sweden. I knew that now after the many times I had argued with my parents over how they could have done this to me. They always gave me the same stupid excuse. Of course that didn't help when they called my name at the start of every class in every new school over and over again.

"L-love..?" the teacher now stuttered unsure if some student had manged to change the names on her list for a joke I'm sure.

With a deep sigh I stood up from my chair and said a line that had become very routine for me. "It's Love. Not love." I stressed on the "o" and added the Swedish accent that I only used when saying Swedish words. It sure didn't sound like the English word love when spoken correctly thank goodness.

I looked around the room for some unknown reason, then sat down disappointed and pissed over the looks I had gotten from my new classmates. Once I was seated I crossed my arms and waited for the class to continue. All too soon I started to hear the quite sounds of laughter from my classmates. Mostly at my expense I was sure.

It was always like this when I started a new school. Even the teacher stuttering my name in front of the class was the same. I sometimes wonder if the students didn't have anything better to do than to laugh at me but at this moment it sure didn't look that way.

In a way I was happy that my parents had the sort of job that forced us to move around in US almost every year. This way the bullying students wouldn't have me to pick on anymore and they would move on to some other student to torment. I considered it an interesting win-win situation.


Download - PDF File From Deviantart

Download or Read - Read or Download from Scribd

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