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Jun 19, 2009

I've Touched Inuyasha.

Yep, I read what I wrote of the last chapter I was on, and I added new lines. I might or might not add anything historical to it now. It is fairy tale after all. I'll just make up something add a few things to make it seem like it could have been real and even thrown in a few real names to make it even more so. But I'll put a note at the end of the chapter saying that, that is what I did for when or if they run into those names later in life.

I haven't officially ended that other story, but I have left it at a place that some may consider and ending of some kind. Now that I'm making myself think about it, I think that I'll consider it end of part one. I think that I'll do an over look of the rest of the time, then jump like 3 years. If I get that do, which doesn't sound hard, I'll be happy. I've been telling myself that I should do that for the Inuyasha story, but I seem to want to write a real story and just a lemon one. BTW lemon means sex and lime means sexy. I didn't come up with it, but I'm going with it.

I also have an ending to the Inuyasha story that I came up with months ago. I thought of turning it into a one shot and posting it, but so much of it relies on what I have in the main story that if I ever post it, it will have to be after the main story if finish and up unless I find some way to expanding on it and explain a few things. But I don't want to really do that either because I feel like I would be giving away parts of the story that I was building up to.

At this rate, I'll might just hold on to it until well after the other story is up and then post this to maybe get some interest in the main story again. Almost sounds like marking or advertising ha? :)

Well I'm on my way back to it now. I've started and I'm going to stick at it for a while. See ya.

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