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Mar 11, 2017

Second New Story?

I found myself in a story and I'm already 6 chapters in because I have made myself write a chapter almost every day. All of them are over 1100 words. :)

Currently, I have a little problem. I wanted to know how sailors/captains knew when a storm might be coming when they still had decent weather. Oddly it just hit me that they would be out there and see the storm coming, but I feel like still using some of what I found since I spent so much time looking this up. I was originally looking for some kind of ...sailor's almanac, but I couldn't find one and that lead me to Weather Glass and Storm Glass. Pics below respectfully.

I've seen the last one, the storm glass, in tubes and I'm thinking of using this one since no one knows how long it has been in use, but it became associated with the captain of the USS Beagle. The ship that Darwin was on when it mapped the coastline of South America and had that 'breakthrough' on the Galapagos Islands. :) His name is FitzRoy. So you may find examples of storm glass with the name Fitzroy's Storm Glass. But he didn't make it, he popularized it in two ways. One, he wrote down what happen to it in certain conditions, like what you see above, but in pics, and then he started weather forecasting in Great Britain.

I'll double check those facts for you and confirm them in my next post.

Now, believe it or not, I just said or wrote the words 'sailor's almanac' so I just did a search and there it is. This is why some things just need to be said out loud, talked through or written down. :)

So I'll go use that and the storm glass together in my story.

Oh, yeah. It's a sea fairing yaoi story. It started out with the captain being a pirate, but I quickly got rid of that notion and he's just a captain but a freelance one with his own ship and crew.

It's not going to be a long story. If I get to 20 I'll be surprised, but it should be a fairly full story. I feel myself falling into some misconceptions, but I hope that I really don't in the end, or I change them in some way so I won't be crucified over them. :)

I'm saving the drafts over at Wattpad. I won't publish it until I'm done if not a chapter or two off from the end. Its name is 'Summer Seas'.

No, I have not bailed on The Queens. :)

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