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Feb 25, 2017

Hey. Long Time No See... Sorry.

I have been meaning to transfer some of my newer long stories over here from Tumblr, but I didn't feel any pressing need to do it sooner. Sorry.

So I was going to do that today, and went looking for this one in particular. "New Toy". I did a search on my Tumblr for "My Stories" since you have view my page a certain way to see the special page I had made to list them. BTW, I've given up updating that page. I'm going to add a note to it later saying so and why before I go back to bed.

So, the link. It was to a chapter of Ian and Carl that I posted on DA. I just wanted to see how many people have eyeballed it and I saw something I didn't expect. This.

I logged out of everything on my chrome browser a few days ago and it seemed to have logged me out of the out browsers too. So this is how non-members can see mature content on DA now. Before you were just out of luck, but now they have this for you.

So, good news for those of you who don't have a DA account and want to at least try to read what I have over at DA.

So I'll be back later with links to that Tumblr story I talked about. I'm also tempted to post it over at Wattpad. I'll see.


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