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Jan 7, 2017


Last night I got into it a little with one of my artists. That so doesn't sound right. I have to explain.

I know and help a few webcomic artists. For one of them, I reformat their comic pages and post them over at Tapastic. It's a fanfic comic of the game MassEffect. She had already posted them on DA and I thought it was too good not to share. She said that I could go ahead and do it if I wanted to. So I did, and she helped with providing me with her photoshop files. My problem there is that she stopped. The world and real life derailed her time, but I'm hoping she gets back to it this year. I'll have to remind her that it's still there waiting for her along with all the followers over at Tapastic.

Another artist I'm working with, but in a different way also took some time off, a year I think, is back and started up again last month. For this one I keep her Blogger website updated. I'm mostly just her webmaster. I looked at her website one day and I told her that her site was broken and she confessed that he couldn't do anything with it. It was beyond her. So she gave me access and I cleaned it up and gave it a new theme and all that. Now I just post updates, new pages and anything else that has to do with her comic.

 Royal Pain

For the other and last one, I correct her English. She's Russan and although she knows most of the words, it's how she used them that prompted me to offer my help in making her wording more... understandable. She's a great artist and I didn't want her words to keep her from getting traction in the webcomic world. I was lucky to catch her at the start of her comic. I showed up after conception but at execution.


It's with her I had the little fit with.

So anyway, she sends me what she wants them to say, kinda like a script and I correct it and send it back to her. A few times I honest don't understand what she is trying to say and that goes back and forth a few times until we get it figured out and we are both happy with the words in the end.

Well, a week or so back I got the dialog for pages 10-22 or something like that and on the first page, she had this outcry of surprise that I thought wasn't in character for who she gave it to. So I took it out and explained why when she brought it up. I didn't think anything of it, and we got all the corrections done.

Now last night she posted that page and I see she kept the outburst but changed the words used. So I sent her a note in DA and said that if she really wanted the outburst I might have been able to find something better for her. I also didn't think that she used the word she had correctly.

I tried to change the words and that I may not be able to come up with something better and explain why I think it shouldn't be there at all. But then I did. I was quite happy that I was able to find some kind of outcry that matched the person.

But then she wrote me back and had issue with almost everything else that I said. I then tried to explain and she completely misunderstood. I even wrote, "I'm not bad mouthing you or your comic." She then quotes it back to me and asks why I was helping her at all if I didn't like her work. I almost pulled my hair at reading that. What on earth was going on?

After I clawed that back from the edge for us to be on what I think is good ground, I wonder if one of her friends wasn't messing with me. I started that whole thing so she would know that she could challenge the words or ideas I have for her dialog. That she didn't have the work around me and instead she seemed to believe that I didn't like her comic or how she draws or something else which isn't true.

Why would I work to have the words back to her as quickly as possible? Why would I apologize for not being online all day and just getting her note of words? Why would I be submitting each new page to clubs I'm in for a bit more exposure? Why would I be up at 3am trying to make sure we are both happy with what I come up with and making sure they sounded in character if I didn't want to do this?

So that leads me to what I titled this post. Languages. I think that we have been lucky until now not to have had a real misunderstanding due to speaking different languages.

And after all that, I don't think she even saw the correction I sent her for that first page even though I sent it to her twice. So that has darkened my mood a little.


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